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/month /website
Billed annually

1K Survey responses

300 Feedback responses

500 Notification clickthroughs

50K Notification views

/month /website
Billed annually

3K Survey responses

1K Feedback responses

2.5K Notification clickthroughs

250K Notification views

/month /website
Billed annually

7.5K Survey responses

3K Feedback responses

12.5K Notification clickthroughs

750K Notification views

Enterprise Lite
/month /website
Billed annually

15K Survey responses

6K Feedback responses

25K Notification clickthroughs

1.5M Notification views

Enterprise Pro
/month /website
Billed annually

30K Survey responses

12K Feedback responses

50K Notification clickthroughs

3M Notification views

Enterprise Elite
/month /website
Billed annually

60K Survey responses

24K Feedback responses

100K Notification clickthroughs

6M Notification views

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