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Billed annually
Ideal for sites with up to
10K monthly visitors

1K Survey responses

300 Feedback responses

50K Notification views

500 Notification clickthroughs

Features in Basic Plan

  • SSL Support
  • Customizable Forms
  • Multi-Question Surveys
  • Basic layouts
  • JavaScript API
Billed annually
Ideal for sites with up to
50K monthly visitors

3K Survey responses

1K Feedback responses

250K Notification views

2.5K Notification clickthroughs

Features in Standard Plan

  • Basic plan features
  • Smart feedback routing
  • Themes & layout options
  • Enhanced targeting options
  • Customizable messages
Billed annually
Ideal for sites with up to
250K monthly visitors

7.5K Survey responses

3K Feedback responses

750K Notification views

12.5K Notification clickthroughs

Features in Premium Plan

  • Standard plan features
  • Customize email templates
  • Visitor sampling
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Leave Intent targeting
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Technical support via phone
Enterprise Lite
Billed annually
Ideal for sites with up to
500K monthly visitors

15K Survey responses

6K Feedback responses

1.5M Notification views

25K Notification clickthroughs

Features in Lite

  • Premium plan features
  • Conversion tracking
  • Search keyword targeting
  • Custom targeting rules
  • Webhooks
  • REST API support
  • Invoice billing & agreements
  • On-boarding assistance
Enterprise Pro
Billed annually
Ideal for sites with up to
1M monthly visitors

30K Survey responses

12K Feedback responses

3M Notification views

50K Notification clickthroughs

Features in Pro

  • Enterprise Lite features
  • White-labelling options
Enterprise Elite
Billed annually
Ideal for sites with
millions of monthly visitors

60K Survey responses

24K Feedback responses

6M Notification views

100K Notification clickthroughs

Features in Elite

  • Enterprise Pro features
  • Dedicated account manager
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WebEngage serves content securely on SSL encrypted pages of your website. We make sure that the content is optimized for size and performance.

More on WebEngage integration here.
By default, the WebEngage feedback form contains these fields - Name, Email, Category and Message. With this feature, you can add your own fields to the feedback form. You can also make these fields category dependent - e.g you can create an "Order ID" field which will only be shown to a user once (s)he selects "Sales/purchase issues" from the category drop-down.

Learn more on custom fields here.
With WebEngage, you can survey your site visitors in realtime. Take a look at a short survey sample here. While single question surveys are good on users, they leave you (as webmasters) craving to ask a few more. We understand your position. Say hello to multi-question WebEngage surveys. Take a look at a sample here. Once a user has submitted an answer to the first question, we display the second question and so on. This continues until the user has completed the survey.

Note: if the user answers only a few questions and doesn't take the entire survey, you still get to see the responses for questions that were answered. More on survey builder here.
Notification layouts offer you a wide range of options in terms how you want to display the push messages on your website. Check out this post for details on layouts. You can use classic and sticky header layouts with the Basic plan.
The JavaScript API provides a rich set of functionality which can be used to customize the behavior of survey, notification and feedback products on your website by attaching a host of callbacks for events like onSubmit, onOpen, onClose etc for each of the three products.

Learn more on our JavaScript API here.
With Feedback Routing, you can create rules to send feedback notification emails based on feedback category, custom fields or custom data only to selected admins.

More on feedback routing here.
Notifications can be customized in terms of look and feel by tweaking themes. Learn more notification themes here. You can also modify survey windows by tweaking their CSS, more on that here. You can use the sticky footer and notice layouts with this plan. More on layouts here.
You can add branching logic to a survey so that the questionnaire changes depending on responses to specific questions. In a survey, where branching is applied, questions appear only if they apply to someone's situation. If the questions don't apply, users can be made to answer a different set of questions or skip the survey altogether.

Note: This feature is under development and will be available soon.
You get to use some of the enhanced targeting options for notifications and surveys based on user engagement on your website. E.g time delays on the page, time of the day etc. More on targeting options here.
In the feedback product, once a user has submitted feedback on your website via the feedback tab, we display a standard "thank you" message. You can change it to anything you'd like to with this feature enabled.

Similarly, for the survey product, you can choose to customize the "success page" message for users completing the survey - we allow you basic HTML so that you can embed rich text, hyperlinks etc.
You can customize the templates for acknowledgement email (users submitting feedback instantly receive this) and feedback-reply-to-user emails.
Allows you to show the notification to a subset of all applicable visitors. E.g: show the survey only to 25% of targeted visitors
Use user's engagement on your website as criterion for targeting. Use capabilities like targeting based on time spent in session, number of pages viewed in a session, cookies for the user, user sampling etc. More on targeting options here.
Struggling with the bounce rate on your website? Using our leave intent targeting, you can choose to display a lead generation survey, or a push notification (containing some offer/message) to website visitors who are "about to leave" your website - we detect users attempting to move towards the browser close button or a different tab in their browser.
With GA integration, you can push custom events inside your GA account. Events like notification clicks, survey open and submits, feedback submits etc will automatically be captured as events in your existing GA account.
Using Webhooks you can integrate WebEngage data inside your application workflows. E.g. you can set up a hook for your application to be made "aware", with data, anytime a user submits a feedback on your website, so that the data can be pushed to your CRM.

More on currently available Webhooks here.
We value your time. You don't need to wait to get your queries resolved, we are just a phone call away.
With white-labeled solutions, you can remove the "powered by WebEngage" logo from the feedback, survey and notification windows that appear on your website.
Using our REST API's you can pull data from the WebEngage system in a structured format.

More on currently available REST API's here.
Apart from targeting options mentioned in other plans, you also get to use our highly valuable search engine and keyword targeting to maximize the RoI on your SEO/SEM spends. This essentially means that you can choose to show a survey or notifcation to visitors coming from search engine - that too, to those who were searching for specific keywords. More on targeting options here.
Using custom targeting, you can implement just about any kind of targeting or customer segmentation. E.g you can choose to say, "show a notification ONLY to my 'premium' customers". Via this feature, we have successfully reduced cart abandonment on some of the large e-commerce websites. More on this feature here.
Customers can choose to opt for offline billing mode wherein they can pay via check or electronically transfer subscription money to us. The billing cycle can be set to quarterly or annual. We also sign a service level customer agreement. It defines the deliverables, data security, uptime, commercials and other matters of interest.
We provide you one time on-boarding assistance. This includes educating the marketing and product teams on how to effectively use the tool, best practices etc. We also help your technical team to integrate the REST API's, JS API's, Custom Targeting and all other advanced features.
Once the commercial agreement is in place, for blazing fast support and assistance, we assign a dedicated account manager for customers under the Enterprise plan.