Why Use WebEngage for Relays?

  • Automate Business Flows

    Automate your most crucial business communication flows with a one-time setup.

  • Personalization at Scale

    Send personalized communication based on business events, at scale.

  • Real-time Message Delivery

    Deliver your messages without any delays and in real-time.

Automate Important Business Communication with Your Customers

One-time setup for each repetitive business task. Broadcast messages to the relevant customers every time a new business event takes place.

  • Automate price drop alerts

    Whenever your products’ prices go down, automatically alert your customers.

  • Send re-stocking notifications

    Automatically notify users as soon as the products are available for purchase.

  • Broadcast app updates

    Whenever you release a new app update, automatically inform your users about it.

  • Promote content releases

    Automatically send new content notification to your users.

Broadcast in Real-time with Ease

Target customers who’ve previously shown interest in your products & services with Relays. Set up a Relay once, and it takes care of all your recurring business communications.


Make Your Conversations Personal!

Get 10X engagement with easy-to-create, contextual communication workflows.

  • Personalize Your Outgoing Messages at Scale

    Fetch user & behavioral data in real-time from multiple data sources and engage your users with hyper-personalized communication across channels.

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  • Visually Create Workflows Using Drag-n-drop Editor

    Use a highly intuitive drag & drop interface to map user workflows to lifecycle campaigns. Create workflows as easily as you draw on a board.

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  • Think Beyond Siloed Marketing. Think Omnichannel

    Integrate with 10+ engagement channels and create a truly multi-channel experience for your customers.

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Track Relay Performances in Real-time

View live data of how your customers are moving along their engagement journey. Identify bottlenecks and key conversion steps to optimize your workflows.


Supercharge Your Marketing Campaigns with Webengage Relays

  • Boost your conversions

    Send hyper-personalized campaigns across channels to increase conversions by 4X.

  • Communicate at scale

    Engage your customers contextually to increase customer engagement by upto 10X.

  • Increase your retention rate

    Retain maximum customers and increase your LTV by upto 3X.

Key Features

  • Deep data personalization
  • Micro-segmentation
  • Conversion tracking
  • Multi-channel support
  • Third-party integration
  • Tag-based Analytics

Our Customers Acing at User Engagement and Retention

  • WebEngage has made reaching out to our users simple and quick. The timely insights have helped us tweak our communications, enabling better conversions.

    Manav Sethi
    Chief Marketing Officer

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  • WebEngage has improved our ability to understand and unify user data to solve the retention problem. We’ve seen a 22% uplift in repeat purchases.

    Abhishek Bhukker
    Customer Lifecycle Manager

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  • WebEngage’s retargeting campaigns are very effective, resulting in 17% of our transactions. We witness a higher ROI than other digital channels.

    Shaunaq Marathe
    Manager - Campaign Strategy & Analytics

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  • Retention is critical to a consumer business's success like us, and going with WebEngage was just the right decision that we made.

    Naman Gupta
    Principal - Growth

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Keep pushing forward. We’ve got your back.

  • Seamless Onboarding

    Work with our onboarding specialists till go live with your first campaign.

  • Superior Customer Success

    Our trusted pros to help you with solutions relevant to your business needs.

  • Unparalleled Support & Service

    Get the help you need, whenever you need it with our 24/7 support.

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