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Orchestrate Your Campaigns

Take the first step towards creating contextual
conversations at scale.

Orchestrate Your Campaigns

And Fly On Autopilot

Take the first step towards creating contextual conversations at scale.

800+ global brands trust WebEngage for customer engagement and retention

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Create Complex Workflows as Easily as You Draw on a Board!

Create Automation Rules Based on Customer Events

Every time a customer interacts with your brand, enters a customer segmentation, or is about to churn, create rules for user engagement and increase conversions.

Engage Customers with Business-owned Triggers

Have a flash sale coming up? Delivering products before time? Or simply updated your privacy policy? There’s a marketing automation workflow for everything!

Enhance Your Automation with Real-time Optimization

Identify a User’s Best Channel to Optimize Campaign Engagement

Track Performance in Real-time and Derive Actionable Insights

Build Omnichannel Campaigns Fast, and Effortlessly


Visual Workflow Editor

10+ Engagement Channels

Multiple Entry/Exit Triggers

Tag-based Analytics

Conversion Tracking

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Jump In CRM Revenue Contribution by


Thanks to WebEngage and its exceptional marketing automation tool, we can now reach our target audience more effectively.

Atul Shinde,

Deputy General Manager - Omnichannel

Increased their policy renewals by


“I’m a fan of DIY products which are both developer and marketer friendly. WebEngage checks all the right boxes. I’m a happy customer.”

Aniket Thakkar

Vice President - Marketing

Increased their live class attendance by


With action-based engagement approach, WebEngage’s Journey Designer enables us to reach the learners in a more personalized & timely manner.

Sushant Kumar

Chief Marketing Officer

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Campaign orchestration is the process of coordinating and integrating marketing campaigns across multiple channels and touchpoints to build personalized customer experiences. It holds huge significance to marketers in ensuring that all of the marketing efforts are aligned and working together to achieve the desired results.

Some of the benefits of campaign orchestration include increased efficiency, better customer engagement, improved brand awareness, higher conversion rates, and increased revenue.

To effectively orchestrate campaigns across multiple channels, marketing teams use tools and techniques such as customer journey mapping, cross-channel data integration, and automation software.

Some best practices for successful campaign orchestration include, clearly defining goals, mapping out the customer journey, leveraging data to drive personalization, monitoring and optimizing campaigns in real-time, and A/B testing to refine strategies.

Campaign orchestration can help to improve customer experiences by ensuring that all touchpoints are consistent and relevant, delivering personalized content at the right time and place, creating a seamless and frictionless customer journey.

Campaign orchestration can be integrated with other marketing techniques such as personalization and segmentation by leveraging customer data to deliver personalized content across multiple channels and touchpoints.

The key metrics to measure the success of campaign orchestration strategies include conversion rates, engagement rates, customer lifetime value, and revenue.

Campaign orchestration can optimize customer acquisition and retention by delivering targeted messages and offers tailored to the specific needs and preferences of individual customers.

Some potential challenges or drawbacks of campaign orchestration include data silos, lack of cross-functional collaboration, and the complexity of coordinating campaigns across multiple channels. These challenges can be addressed through data integration tools like CDP, cross-functional teams, and clear communication and collaboration.

It depends on the target audience and the specific marketing goals- conversion rate. Some commonly used channels include email, social media, mobile apps, and SMS.

Ethical considerations that should be taken into account when using campaign orchestration include, respecting customer privacy and consent, avoiding discriminatory or offensive content, and being transparent about data collection and usage.

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Founder - EazyDiner & The PostCard hotel

Global brands trust WebEngage


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