Wanna work for us? Here's our pitch ...

We are a solid team to work with. We keep our employees happy and pay them well too! Underneath are some of the open positions and our corresponding pitches -

Java Developers

A peek into WebEngage's security layer - super cool use of Java annotations

At WebEngage, we love Annotations. In our quest to improve response times for end users, we continue to find ways using which tasks can be executed asynchronously or in parallel. You'd be surprised to hear from us on how we achieved this using annotations.

And we didn't stop there. We explored further and designed our entire authentication and authorization stacks based on annotations. You'd love to see how those dumb attributes have been put to some great use by us ...

JavaScript Developers

Now serving over 100 million WebEngage widget requests per month!

As you'd know, WebEngage integrates very simply on a website via our one time JavaScript integration code. As of this morning, we have over 35400 customers worldwide including some high traffic enterprise customers. We end up making a request for the widget code on all pages on these customer websites wherever our code is integrated. In effect, for this one file, the number of requests being served is the combined load of all page views across our customer websites. Yeah, all of 'em!

Here's some nicotine for you:


Director UI/UX

In search of that freaking designer ...

We have tried hard to find one. But, the news is, that, we haven't succeeded so far. Apart from the fact that we are an amazing gang to work with, do these toys make for a nice pitch too?

Enterprise Sales Manager

This is where our selling starts ...

Love to sell online? We have all the right tools for you to do so. Help us add to this awesome list of customers and testimonials.

Note: All the positions mentioned above are full-time opportunities based out of Mumbai.