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Simplify your multi-channel campaign management with DIY Journey Designer.

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What is Journey Designer?

Journey Designer is a drag-n-drop marketing automation workflow builder. It lets you plan your engagement campaigns across multiple channels like Web Message, Mobile App (Push Notification/In-App Message), Email & SMS.

Have a look at some of good use cases:


How do I get started with Journeys?

Just signup on WebEngage and you will find the direct link inside WebEngage Dashboard to get started. More info here

How much does it cost?

It's absolutely FREE to use (for businesses with MAUs < 10,000).
For premium customers, do reachout to us for custom pricing.
More info here

Any tech pre-requisite for Journey designer?

Depends on the complexity of business usecase. For engaging with anonymous users, you can just drag-n-drop 'journey designer' components and start creating workflows on web or mobile app. For engaging with contacts (identified users/user-segments), a simple one-time integration for passing user events would be needed. More info here - Web SDK, Android SDK, iOS SDK

Can I migrate my existing ESPs and SMS providers for sending engagement campaigns?

Absolutely Yes! you can simply add credentials for respective ESP(s) and/or SMS provider(s) and start creating multi-channel campaign straight away.

Are there any industry specific use-cases for Journey Designer?

Yes! you can create workflows to solve industry specific use-cases for e-commerce, travel/hotel, classifieds, banking/finance, real estate, education/training, media & entertainment, B2B, healthcare and more.

Use-cases are around content personalisation, triggered communication, increasing app engagement, nurturing and onboarding flows, churn prediction and reduction, targeted reviews/feedback based on user transaction, up-sell/cross-sell of products/services, sending targeted promotional messages.

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