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Multi-channel User Engagement Platform. Communicate via In-App Messages Push Notifications Web Messages Emails Text Messages

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Understand Your Users

Big Data made meaningful for your Business

All User Data In One Place

Get enriched & automagically generated cross-device User profiles. Integrate custom data. Import from existing data sources.

Behavior Tracking & Analysis

Pass business critical events. Combined with built in event tracking & timelines. Analyze behavior in retrospect. Introspect. Predict.

Slice & Dice Into Segments

Identify trends & patterns based on User Interests, Lifecycle, Behavior, Geo-location and much more.

Communicate Better

Personalized Engagement across Mobile, Web & Email

In-App Messages

Make your App experience more rewarding for Users. Show contextual messages. Drive action. Enable feedback.

Push Notifications

Too many installs but too few transactions? Decent transactions but hardly anyone repeating? Push Users on the fence to the right side.

Web Messages

Despite the app economy, web still remains a critical channel, especially for acquisition. Turn anonymous visitors into customers. Take a Live Demo


Still one of the most effective ways to communicate. Integrated, intelligent email marketing.

Text Messages

How about re-connecting with inactive or churned customers, even if they're offline? Text Messaging to the rescue.

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Humanize Your Websites And Mobile Apps

Engage Users, Not Devices

Get enriched cross-channel profiles for anonymous users and customers. Send personalized messages at scale.

Achieve Marketing Automation. Codelessly

Use beautifully designed tools to create, schedule and automate highly targeted campaigns. Iterate and adapt in real-time.

Build A Cohesive Brand Experience Across Channels

Use push, email, in-app, on-site, text messaging to engage users wherever they're available or responsive.

Do It Yourself. With Our Experts By Your Side

Work with our in-house Customer Success Team. Use Mobile, Web, Email Marketing solutions based on best practices for your Industry.

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