Increase email subscribers on Blogs/Content websites
Increase your email subscriber base.
Gather email ids of anonymous visitors in exchange of a helpful resource you choose to provide.

Why should I use it?

Promoting resources such as eBooks, white papers and infographics and increasing blog newsletter subscribers are two perennial challenges of content websites world over. WebEngage solves both of them in one strike.
Create website intercept overlays to grow newsletter subscribers by providing free resources for download in exchange of email ids.

How to do I implement it?

Create targeted modal website overlays promoting your resource and pop it when the reader tries to exit your blog. You can target only those readers that are engaged but have not yet subscribed to your newsletter.
Provide download link to the resource in exchange of a valid email address.


What do I get as a result?

You have a long list of email ids of otherwise anonymous readers. You have a spike in the number of downloads of your resources. You have a decreased Bounce Rate. A win-win-win situation for you.