Increase email subscribers on Classified websites
Enlarge your email marketing list.
Capture email ids of bouncing anonymous visitors by luring them with discounts on next purchase.
A large number of buyers and sellers coming to your website and bouncing off anonymously. WebEngage helps you convert these anonymous visitors into leads via beautifully created opt-in forms. 
Increase your email subscription list by capturing email ids of your anonymous visitors. In exchange of their information, you can choose to provide an offer or a goodie which is nothing when compared to the targeted email list you get in return.

How do I implement it?

All you need to do is activate this website intercept survey, and all the anonymous visitors would be intercepted with a one-line lead generation form when they try to bounce off your website.
You can edit the flow of the lead generation form to suit your website's look and feel and tweak the questions as per your business requirements.

What do I get as a result?

You get a large number of anonymous visitors converted into leads to whom you can reach back with offers and products and convert them into a sale.