Lead generation on Banking and Financial Services website
Collect phone nos of anonymous website visitors.
Offer an on-call consulting and a discounted quotation in return. Gather genuine leads for your business.

General financial services such as life insurance, health insurance etc. are non-cyclic in nature. Interested buyers are looking to get the best deal via browsing websites of insurance firms and aggregators.

In such conditions, financial services lead generation becomes a significant challenge and a necessary evil to fuel the business. Be it online lead generation for banks or insurance lead generation, it is a hard task to master but profitable nonetheless.

Most of the financial product comparisons happen anonymously. A lead generation survey running on your website is an ideal tool to convert anonymous traffic to sales leads. 

A hot lead and a genuine consultation, both are highly valued when it comes to the financial industry. WebEngage provides a solution to generate leads in the financial sector through which both of these meet.

How do I 'generate leads on bfsi website'?

The moment your anonymous visitor tries to bounce off your website, show a pop-up offering a free consultation via call and ask for their contact details for it.
You can choose to target only a specific segment of your website visitors with WebEngage's targeting engine. There are various other use-cases that can be applied such as:

  • Asking users their specific requirement if the user has spent more than threshold time on website and has not performed any event
  • Asking users to share their contact details for callback, if user spends more than threshold time on product specific pages
  • Helping users with new product launched and offer discovery via hypertargeted notifications
  • Asking users about their last purchase experience just after user completes the transaction
  • Assisting users with bundled products in their checkout page based on user profile and previous transactions

What do I get as a result?

Showing hyper-targeted website surveys can help improve user experience significantly. This in addition also leads to converting anonymous users to identifiable leads.
With WebEngage's customer engagement suite, you can convert your website into 'financial lead generation' engine.