Online lead generation for Education & Training Institutes
Convert anonymous visitor to customer
For people coming on your website and leaving anonymously, ask for mail ids to reach back.
Prospective customers/ students visiting your website and leaving anonymously, leave businesses with nothing but a lost business opportunity.
WebEngage solved the problem of lead generation for education websites. You can find out what your anonymous visitors were searching for and also their contact details thus converting them into prospective customers.
Your site visitors could be looking for best courses to study, course fees, admission deadlines etc. You could ask all these and other such questions in the lead generation form we designed for you.

How do I implement it?

Show a notification overlay, the moment your visitor aims to leave your website, offer him reminders and curated information in exchange of the details you had asked.

What do I get as a result?

You convert a large chunk of your anonymous traffic into leads with details such as their contact info and area of interest making it easier to convert them with your marketing campaigns.