Highlight the best product/offer on your e-commerce site

Make your new launch features standout!

Increase the chances of a sale by highlighting the most lucrative deal.

One of the major challenges that modern day e-commerce businesses face is product discovery by their customers. We help you highlight your best product to the customer. You can feed user data to your e-commerce recommendation engine to enhance personalisation and discovery of your products.
This particular template was made keeping in mind the issue e-commerce websites face while highlighting Free Shipping with their products. 

What else?
The template is a customizable one with the option of editing the look and feel using custom CSS.
You can choose to edit the content of the bubble to highlight a feature of your choice.

How? Steps to follow:

  1. Add this template in your account. Click on 'Use this' button.
  2. Go to your dashboard.
  3. Edit this notification inside your dashboard with targeting details and UI edits.
  4. Check the instructions for existing settings in the template and edit accordingly.
  5. Check Preview before making it live.

Important!! - Refer http://blog.webengage.com/2014/07/09/callout-notifications/  - on how to add element Id for this template

For any help with the integration, drop a mail to: support@webengage.com