Find reasons on why mobile site visitors abandon cart

Don't ignore your mobile site visitors.

Ask questions to mobile site visitors. Get insights on why are they not buying.

Shopping via mobile device in on the rise and would soon exceed traffic via desktop. User experience may vary for your website on Mobile and hence the need to get insights on mobile shopping cart abandonment. Use WebEngage mobile website survey to ask users why they abandon and reduce cart abandonment on mobile using those insights. Improve your mobile user experience and product offerings to reduce cart abandonment on mobile.

What else?

Well, the template is pretty much customizable. You can edit the look and feel of the survey using custom css, change the questionnaire to suit your visitor profile, edit the targeting to change whom and when do you want to ask these questions.


Steps to follow:
1. Add this template in your account. Click on 'Use this' button.
2. Go to your dashboard
3. Edit this notification inside your dashboard with targeting details and UI edits
4. Check the instructions for existing settings in the template and edit accordingly.
5. Check Preview before making it live

For any help with the integration, drop a mail to: