Surprise users with last minute deals based on items in cart page

Impulse purchase needs a little push.

Push tailor made deals based upon the contents of the cart. Highly personalised and relevant deals reduce the possibilities of cart abandonment drastically.

Each visitor has distinct requirement and hence the need for customized offers. Showing personalized offers to visitors can be a great way of reducing cart abandonment. Use WebEngage notifications to custom create offers based on user's cart item and promote last minute deals on checkout page and show offers in real time.

What else?

Well, the template is pretty much customizable. You can edit the look and feel of the Notification 'overlay popup' using custom css, change the message to suit your visitor profile, edit the targeting to change whom and when do you want to show this overlay popup.


Steps to follow:
1. Add this template in your account. Click on 'Use this' button.
2. Go to your dashboard
3. Edit this notification inside your dashboard with targeting details and UI edits
4. Check the instructions for existing settings in the template and edit accordingly.
5. Check Preview before making it live

For any help with the integration, drop a mail to: