Real Estate lead generation using surveys

Collect phone nos of anonymous website visitors. Offer free consultation on phone in return. Ask for details such as their choice of city to qualify the lead even further.

In the real estate industry, people visit the real estate websites with a set of requirements such as location, budget, amenities etc. 
The website not only acts as platform to showcase realty in offer but also acts as the most effective medium to generate qualified new home buyer leads for realtor/property agent owning the website.
When real estate buyers or sellers do not find the offerings matching upto their requirement, they bounce off. This leads to a loss of an opportunity to connect with the website user and convert him/her to a customer.
Lead generation on real estate website remains the core challenge for any realtor or real estate agent.
WebEngage enables you to convert these bouncing off anonymous visitors into leads. The template has been designed keeping in mind a typical real estate website design to blend in with your portal. Use it as lead capture tool to collect leads in return of a free consultation on call.

How do I generate leads on my real estate website?

Show a 'hyper-targeted' website survey asking for their set of requirements like the location, area, budget and contact details.
Targeted surveys are ideal to ask customised queries to website users based on their browsing behaviour and their demographic details.

Ask a user about -

  • Interest in Property tour - If user has spent significant amount of time on property page, has seen the property rates and haven't shared his/her contact details
  • Ask for Sales/Client meet - If user has visited your seller portal and spent a significant amount of time on your website
  • Offer him/her discount - If user has re-visited your site after his/her initial visit few days back. Most probably, the user is the last stages of buying and is looking for best deals before finally buying.

You can even run custom website for a particular geography or property type. And, you can set routing rules for particular team for handling particular set of leads.  
Using 'Real estate lead generation surveys', you can convert your realty website into 'real estate leads generator' with no effort.

What do I get as a result?

You now get an increased number of leads on your website rather than focusing on getting more traffic to your website.
Ask for details through a targeted modal lead-gen form and successfully convert a major chunk of anonymous visitors into leads.