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How Partner Deal Registration Works

Steps Description
Fill out the Deal Form Begin by filling out the deal form provided on this page.
CRM Integration
Your registered deals will seamlessly integrate into our CRM system. We diligently check for duplications and notify you promptly if any are found.
Deal Locking
Once a deal is registered, it's exclusively locked to the registering partner. This ensures no other partner or internal sales team can engage with the same prospect under the same conditions.
Locking Period
After 90 days, deals are subject to review. If there's been no recorded activity or progress within this timeframe, the opportunity becomes available for other partners or our internal sales/BDR teams to explore.
Deal Activities
We prioritize customer engagement to understand their needs deeply. Utilizing the BANT framework, we evaluate potential deals based on budget, authority, need, and timeline. Our tailored product demos and proof of concepts validate our solution's value, and in case of delays exceeding 90 days, prompt communication with WebEngage ensures seamless deal registration extension. To ensure all activities are properly documented, we utilize an email integration with our CRM system as the primary source of tracking. This integration serves as the single point of reference for capturing and monitoring progress on all deals
Dedicated Support
Upon registration, a dedicated team comprising Partner Managers, Sales Representatives, and Solution Consultants will be allocated to work with you on the deal.
BANT Qualification
All registered deals undergo BANT qualification with the customer. Deals are accepted only upon meeting the necessary qualification criteria.
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