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For every referral that becomes a WebEngage customer, stand a chance to earn up to $2000

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How Does The Scout Program Work?

Scout For WebEngage

Leverage your network to find companies/individuals who need help with marketing automation and customer retention

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Facilitate an introduction with WebEngage Experts. (Follow the requirement checklist to qualify your peers for the program)

Plan Your Vacation

Sit back, and relax! Get a WebEngage Scout badge and payouts worth $2000* as your peer moves along the evaluation journey.

Why You Should Drop All Your Work & Become A WebEngage Scout?


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility criteria to refer a friend/peer?

You can refer your friend/peer if:
1. They have 10K+ Monthly Active Users
2. They are a consumer business and not a facilitator of services to other businesses

What qualifies as a WebEngage competitor?

Any SaaS platform that provides a CDP, and multichannel engagement capabilities. Point solutions do not qualify for a competitor reward

How will my payments be made?

You will get paid in three stages across the Scout Program. If your lead passes the initial qualification criteria, you will get INR 10K for setting up an introductory call with them. Once the lead is qualified by our BDRs after the call, you will receive another INR 15K. That’s INR 25K right there! The remaining INR 25K will be paid out once the lead signs the service agreement and onboards WebEngage as their Customer Engagement partner. The payments will be made through an Amazon voucher that can be redeemed by you on the website itself.

Can anybody apply to become a WebEngage Scout?

Yes. Anybody can apply for the Scout Program. You can tap into your network and turn this opportunity into an alternate income stream for yourself. Sign-up now!

Do I need to sell your platform to my peers?

Absolutely not! We do all the pitching, convincing, and solution designing for your friends/peers. However, keeping some basic knowledge of WebEngage handy always helps.
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