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Success Stories

  • Increase in Transactions within six months

    "The WebEngage Startup Program helps us engage with users effectively, provide delightful experiences & build long-term relationships with them."

    Kush Taneja
    Co-Founder at FamPay

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  • Increase in Revenue

    "By enrolling in the WebEngage Startup Program, we’ve adopted a growth marketing approach that shall help us scale our business faster and bring down acquisition costs over time."

    Ankit Agarwal
    Founder at PHOOL

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  • Increase in Subscription Rate

    “The WebEngage team is very consultative and helps us focus on the right things that matter across stages. Today, in our marketing funnels and journeys, we can not imagine our life without WebEngage.”

    Videt Jaiswal
    Co-Founder, Airblack

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  • Boost in Revenue

    "WebEngage has been crucial in revolutionizing our entire online user experience. The Support and Success teams at WebEngage are extremely supportive."

    Scott Newton
    Chief Communications Officer, Shaw Academy

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  • “WebEngage packages super effective omnichannel marketing strategies and testing like no one else.”

    Amanda LaFerriere
    Ex- Head of Product, C2FO

  • “We are extremely staisfied with WebEngage. We use WebEngage to deliver messages and communications to all our clients.“

    Karolina Dorosiewicz
    Marketing Automation Specialist, G2A.COM

A Sneak Peek Of Program

Our Impact So Far...

In the last two years, we’ve seen

  • Applications Globally
  • Startups Success Stories
  • Startups Raised Follow-on Funding

Inviting Top Startups From Indonesia & Southeast Asia To Join The Program

800+ Global Brands Believe in WebEngage

How WebEngage Can Boost Your Startup's Growth?

Take the first step towards building a strong data culture and let insights design your engagement strategies

  • Omnichannel Engagement To Create Hyper-personalized Experiences

    Don’t let channel availability restrain your engagement campaigns. Take your brand to the channels where your customers love to interact the most.

  • Automate Lifecycle Campaigns With Journey Designer

    Create and optimize workflows in real-time based on customer Interactions. Simply automate campaigns across your customers’ lifecycle with WebEngage’s Marketing Automation.

  • Customer Data Platform Designed To Kill Data Silos

    • Integrate data sources with ease and track user actions in real-time.
    • Get a 360-degree view of your customers with actionable insights.
    • Create omnichannel data and experiences.
  • Slice & Dice User Data With Our In-depth Segmentation Engine

    • Leverage enriched data to create granular user segmentation.
    • Static customer segments for precise targeting.
    • Live segments to engage customers in real-time.
  • Real-time Analytics For Accelerated Growth

    • Understand user behavior with Paths, Funnel, Cohort analysis
    • Optimize the onboarding and usage experience, find out what makes your users leave, and retarget them with retention campaigns

Who Should Apply?

Early Stage B2C startups across Southeast Asia in E-Commerce, D2C, Edtech, or Fintech Industry, and…

  • You Have

    Raised Seed to
    Series A funding

  • You’ve Seen

    Some business

  • You’re NOT

    An existing
    WebEngage customer

Key Benefits

Experience the benefits of our full-stack Retention Operating system to grow your startup alongside other exclusive perks and benefits

  • Free access to WebEngage’s Retention operating system for 6 months.

  • Get up to $25,000 in platform credits.

  • Dedicated customer onboarding and success managers.

  • Guidance to set up the right data and foundations for retention-led growth.

  • Get access to Exclusive founder & mentor community and events.


  • WebEngage Startup program offers free credits for 6 months. A WebEngage specialist also helps reduce the learning curve while you implement and adopt the platform. The WebEngage team is aligned to help your startup grow.
  • That’s exactly what we have kept in mind while designing this program. You will need a developer to implement WebEngage. After you go live you would need someone from your team to own up this project, spending at least 4-5 hours per week.
  • These are the industries that WebEngage has deep expertise in. We also have existing best practices from these industries that we can share.
  • You will be able to take better advantage once you have a bit of traction and are looking to scale. Ideally we have seen this around 10K Monthly active users or 5K registrations threshold.
  • Based on information shared by you, the WebEngage team will evaluate the fitment for the program and take the final call. We evaluate basis alignment of the traction, growth potential and fitment of use cases. In some cases we might ask for additional information from you for making a better decision. You will hear from us in 2 weeks.
  • There is no hidden fee or freemium plan where you need to upgrade. WebEngage doesn’t charge anything for the first 6 months. After 6 months, you can move to paid WebEngage subscription plans which start from USD 1000/month. You may also receive additional credits at the end of 6 months.
  • You may submit your application and write your comments. We shall try and see if we can consider an exception.
  • This is not a Free trial or Proof of Concept as our team backs you up with best practices, peer sessions, etc. to help you grow faster. This is made available only to the eligible startups who can benefit from the program.

A Big ‘Thank You’ to our customers for always motivating us to break new grounds!


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