Agenda for EngageMint
Enterprise Edition

  • Registration
    Tea & Introductions
    Opening Address
    Panel Discussion - Building & Leveraging 360° Customer View
    Key Session Takeaways
    • Using Data The Right Way.
    • The need to Identify, Unify and Define your data.
    • How have you been using analytics to build a 360° Customer View?
    • Why Data-based Approach Works: Data + Analytics + Segmentation.
    Fireside Chat - Engaging The Distracted Customer: Hyper-Personalization
    Key Session Takeaways
    • Engaging the unengaged: Segmentation + Personalization = Engaged User
    • Putting Together Pieces of a Puzzle: Automation + Retention
    • The new era of Hyper Personalization (Real time behavioral data utilization)
    • Client use-case: Hyper-personalizing their messaging strategy at every trigger of a customer journey
    • The Anatomy of a Personalized Message: Segmentation & Personalization elements
    Networking Session

Why EngageMint Enterprise Edition?

A recent study by McKinsey showed that personalization reduces acquisition costs by as much as 50 percent, lifts revenues by 5 to 15 percent, and increases marketing spend efficiency by 10 to 30 percent. And Forrester, in its report, found that personalization is a priority for 68 percent of firms, even though more than half of them(53%) lack the technology to implement it effectively at scale.

Join in to learn how to build, scale and optimize your outreach strategy to win more conversions through hyperpersonalized, cross-channel messaging by optimally leveraging your data.

Join us at the Enterprise Edition of our Flagship Retention Conference in Riyadh

17th August 2022 || Ritz Carlton, Riyadh



WebEngage is a full-stack customer engagement and retention platform that helps consumer businesses increase their customer lifetime value. Get a unified view of your customers with a robust customer data platform, engage them across 11+ channels with automation workflows, and hyper-personalize their experiences with a state-of-the-art personalization engine, all backed by a solid analytics framework.

With a mission to humanize the World's Websites & Apps, we now power over 1 Billion messages sent every day to our customers across 50+ countries, and 20+ industries.