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Enterprise Plan

For businesses with large volumes of users & data.
Enterprise plan also includes these exclusive features

  • Leave Intent Trigger

    Using our leave intent targeting, you can choose to display a lead generation survey, or a notification (containing some offer/message) to visitors who are 'about to leave' your site. We detect users attempting to close their browser or tab.

  • Styling & Personalisation

    Fully customise the design of your engagement campaigns, right down to writing your own CSS if required. Emboss your brand identity across communication channels. Personalise your communication by embedding your users' data and / or including conditional content blocks based on users' behaviour or attributes.

  • REST API & Webhooks

    Using our REST API, you can pull data from the WebEngage system in a structured format. Using Webhooks you can integrate WebEngage data inside your application workflows. E.g. you can set up a hook for your application to be made 'aware', with data, anytime a user submits a feedback on your website, so that the data can be pushed to your CRM.

  • Geo Fencing

    Improve conversions by engaging at right time and place. With our battery friendly geo-fencing ability, achieve targeting with an accuracy of 50 metres. Achieve true omni-channel marketing by targeting users based on their online behaviour when they're close to your (or your competitor's) offline store. This feature is in BETA.

  • Conversion Tracking

    With conversion tracking enabled, you can quantitatively measure and attribute the performance of your engagement campaigns to desired business events/goals. All this can be done from the dashboard with no code changes on your site or app! This feature is currently available for Web Messaging only.

  • A/B Testing

    Take guesswork out of the equation. A/B test the design and / or content of your engagement campaigns and run the winning version, improving your conversion. This feature is currently available with Push Notifications and In-App Messages only.

  • White Label

    With white-labeled solutions, you can remove the 'powered by WebEngage' logo from all engagement campaigns on your website and mobile app.

  • Data Import

    Import your customers' data from existing systems using batch file uploads or API calls. This feature is currently in BETA.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    Once the commercial agreement is in place, for blazing fast support and assistance, we assign a dedicated account manager for customers under the Enterprise plan.


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What are MAUs?

Monthly Active Users - Count of unique users who have atleast 1 session on your website or mobile app over 1 month of your billing cycle. Users are tracked only on those web pages where WebEngage tracking code is present.

How do I make payments?

You can pay by Credit Card or via your PayPal account. Our online payment gateway partner supports both these modes.

Is there a possibility to get a discount?

We offer 15% discount on annual billing (1 year commitment) and 20% off on bi-annual billing (2 year commitment).

Do you provide invoice based billing?

Yes. Only for customers who have opted for our Enterprise plan.

Do you have channel partnership program?

We do partner with marketing agencies, solution consultants, technology resellers as channel partners. Find more details here.

Can I cancel my subscription later?

Yes you can. In this case, your subscription will not automatically renew and your WebEngage account will get immediately deactivated. However, the payment already made will not be refundable.

Will I get all the features in the trial period?

Yes. You will get all the features according to the plan you choose.

What happens to my data after trial period gets over?

Your data remains intact in your account. If you choose to stop using the tool, you can download all the feedback threads and survey responses.

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For us WebEngage not only helps us improve conversion rate, it helps up interact with our users in a whole new way. The team at WebEngage has also provided us with great technical insight to help us built custom solutions. Andreas Phillipsen,

Marketing Director -