Mobile App Pre-Launch to Success: The Growth Roadmap by Deepak Abbot

Mobile App Pre-Launch to Success: The Growth Roadmap by Deepak Abbot

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About The Webinar

Mobile Apps have taken the sphere of online business by storm. Nowadays we have apps for everything. From booking tickets to buying clothes to ordering food or groceries, and even net banking. Every business type whether eCommerce, BFSI, travel, hotel, medicine, aggregators, listing websites has resorted to using their own apps to provide users a better experience. However, how do you ensure growth for your mobile app in the ocean of ‘apps-for-everything‘?

With this sudden increase in mobile app usage and conversions, the new pain point in every business is how to drive traffic to the app and start sign-ups, and then to get their visitors to make more purchases.

The first hurdle that they come across is launching the app which is followed by increasing engagement on the app. This is the reason we have got this webinar for you.

The Growth Roadmap For Your Mobile App

In this webinar, we will be taking the journey from the pre-launch marketing of an app to attaining perfection in analyzing your app metrics. We’ll be covering:

  1. Growth checklist for various stages of app marketing
  2. Mobile App Growth hacks for daily wins
  3. How to rightly analyze growth metrics
  4. Free tools available/needed for growth
  5. The industry benchmarks



Deepak Abbot Sr. Vice President, Paytm

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