Different use-cases, different templates

Plug-n-play layouts, diverse response-types, logically branched questions, complete CSS customization and
aesthetically designed templates for delightful user experiences.

On-site ClassicSeek user feedback and insights proactively when the user is ON your website - in real-time.
On-site ModalGet newsletter sign-ups or run an exit survey to prevent users from abandoning your website.
Mobile ModalCapture responses from your growing mobile web users to help you run mobile specific campaigns.
Off-site ClassicCreate full-page surveys with public URLs that can be shared on social media or sent in emails.

Ask tailored questions to the right set of users, always

Make use of dynamic and smart user segments, user behavior-based targeting and custom targeting capabilities to reach the right users, every time.

Preset triggers to reach the users exactly when intended

Create navigation-based, time-specific or custom-defined triggers for precision and accuracy.

Use analytics to make greater sense of your survey responses

View granular stats like the number of people that attempted the survey, the number of people that completed the survey, the detailed response of every user, and schedule reports for diverse analysis.


Surveys to match every need of yours.

WhatsApp as an engagement channel has a wide range of use cases.
Here's an industry-wise breakdown of how it can be beneficial for your business.

Lead Capturing

Surveys are a great way to generate leads for your business. Find out more about your prospects than just their basic details and be better positioned to understand their precise needs.

Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is a universally realized issue. But before you bring your users back, it’s important to identify their reasons for leaving. Cart abandonment surveys can help you with that.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

A happy customer is not only a repeat customer but also a great brand advocate. Surveys can help you measure how satisfied your customers are & how they perceive your brand.

Consumer Insight Surveys

Customer data is gold for businesses. It helps them personalize their offerings & sell more effectively. And what better way to get those important insights than intelligently crafted consumer insight surveys.

Market Research Surveys

You can't launch new products without first understanding your target audience's behavior. Surveys are a great tool to conduct market research & prepare go-to-market strategies driven by it.

Community Surveys

Community surveys can help you identify common traits exhibited by large or filtered groups of people, enabling you to understand the demand patterns you need to cater to.

Create relevant surveys easily with just a few clicks