Leverage the channels that work best for your business

Compare channels based on reach, traction, budget and conversions to optimize spends and maximize impact.

Get insights on your engagement channels

Find out how each engagement channel is working for you, and invest efforts and resource wisely.

Track live stats for your app, website & campaigns

Understand in real-time how your campaigns are driving conversions, revenues and user engagement on your app and website.

Design funnels to eliminate bottlenecks

Identify drop off stages in your product and engagement lifecycle, to improve user conversions, through valuable data-driven interventions.


Analyze user behavior on your website and mobile app

Stitch together high-level insights based on user’s actions and behavior into
cohesive marketing strategies, distributed for maximum impact.


Identify cohorts to target users effectively

Group users based on their shared characteristics. Find out if new users love your product. Dig deep by slicing and dicing data to ask increasingly important and complex questions.


Prevent uninstalls before they happen

Take the guesswork out of churning users. Change your product workflows or increase
engagement to stem churn and improve user retention.

View uninstall trends for your apps over a period of time.
Understand which versions of your apps are being uninstalled.
Act upon ineffective campaigns that drive users to uninstall your apps.
Optimize your acquisition campaigns to acquire only relevant users.

Analyze the revenue impact of your campaigns

WebEngage's revenue analytics helps you understand the contribution of your campaigns towards your business, in terms of revenue. You can then calculate your ROI & optimize campaigns accordingly, to maximize profits.

Revenue Card


Enterprise Customers

400 Million

Users Tracked Monthly

60 Billion

Events Tracked Monthly

10 Billion

Messages Sent Monthly


Cross-Channel Campaigns

250 Million

Users Engaged Monthly

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