Why Retention Maturity Index?

Measuring an organization's capabilities and strategies for retaining existing customers is crucial. Our industries need a universal measurement standard. The Retention Maturity Index has been created to assess the impact of marketing toward building a community of loyalists and advocates.

What can you expect?

Our goal is to accurately capture your responses to gauge the state of retention marketing with a 3-min survey. Your responses will remain anonymous and be used solely for research purposes.

What’s in it for you?

Answer 13 questions carefully curated by industry experts, designed to deep-dive into your retention practices, to calculate a score that will help you

  • Gain valuable insights into proven retention strategies & emerging trends

  • Benchmark your organization's retention practices

  • Contribute to improve retention maturity standards in your industry

  • Get a free copy of the RMI report when it’s out

How to take the survey?

  • Tap the link to open
    the survey

  • Follow the

  • Answer 13 multiple-choice

  • Get your score to see
    where you stand

What next?

We will anonymize your responses to prepare an industry-wide benchmarking report that will provide clarity on your retention practices to stand out from your peers. By getting exclusive access to the report, you will have the opportunity to take the next step toward sustainable growth.

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