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Why, What and How of Retention

The Key to Building an Enduring Business

28th & 29th April 2022 || Ritz Carlton, Bengaluru

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Why, What and How of Retention

The Key to Building an Enduring Business

28th & 29th April 2022 || Ritz Carlton, Bengaluru

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30+ Insightful Sessions and Workshops packed in 2 days

Detailed Agenda for EngageMint’22

Hall 1
  • Opening Address

  • Building Businesses That Last

    Key Session Takeaways

    • What it takes to build such businesses
    • The Role of Talent
    • Persistence and Patience
    • Product Market Fit and Repetable Profitable Units
  • The Hard Things about Doing it Right

    Key Session Takeaways

    • The Role of 'Why'
    • Choices Made at Different Lifestages
    • What helped getting out of the Dark Phases
    • Building the Support System
    • Recharging Yourself
  • Coffee Break

  • Dealing with CAC in EdTech

    Key Session Takeaways
    • Product Led Retention / LTV
    • Blue Ocean Audiences
    • Delta > Impact > Referral Loop
    • Offline Touch


  • The love hate relationship with Retention

    Product & Marketing teams keep fighting on who owns retention. This 30 minute intense conversation will help you solve this problem the next monday morning for your own organization.

  • Lunch Break

  • Driving Real $$$ Impact from Automation in EdTech

    Key Session Takeaways
    • Live Class Attendance > customer stickiness and renewals
    • Reduction in Manual Efforts in segmented communications - Upsell Journeys or fee reminders
    • Assignment Completion
    • Test Reminders
    • Any Gamification use cases if you're considering
  • The Growing Importance of Digital Conversations and Staying relevant

    Key Session Takeaways
    • What and why of digital conversations
    • Intuitive customer experience flows
    • Expectations of Personalized, contextualized and connected customers
    • Smartphone ecosystem & WhatsApp penetration in India
    • WebEngage and Infobip partnership to make you stay relevant over Conversational Channels
  • RoAS and Retention: The Marketing Mix Evolution

Hall 2
  • Crash Course in Retention 101: Understanding Metrics that Matter

    Go back to the basics and understand relevant concepts that create the retention marketing foundation.

    Live workshop to help you with
    • Understanding events, cohorts, funnels, and paths
    • Customer churn, repeat transactions, and lifetime value
    • Seamless customer experiences through leveraging multiple channels
  • Loyalty Program: Worth the effort?

    The topic of retention is incomplete without discussing customer loyalty. It increases profits, improves sales success and allows for sustainable growth. Understand customer loyalty nuances to help you retain existing customers, attract new customers, reduce turnover and drive profits.

    Live presentation to help you with
    • Building a loyalty program from scratch
    • Wins and learnings of running a loyalty program
    • How to reward customer behaviour to drive conversions
  • Coffee Break

  • WhatsApp Marketing: The New Way To Engage Today's Digital Customers

    Key session takeaways
    • Personalized Customer Journeys over WhatsApp
    • Making it easier for businesses to get started
    • Build full-funnel conversational flows that engage customers and bring results across the whole journey
    • Use case – fireside chat with a customer
  • The Bouncing Back Playbook - Making the Most of the New Normal

    Pandemic has tested Tourism like no-other industry. But now that the world is steadily getting back on it's feet, we trace and analyze the path of Tourism's revival.

    Key session takeaways
    • Changes in message strategy, frequency and channels
    • Learnings from industry leaders and revisions to the benchmark metrics
    • Revised playbook for the marketers to amp up conversions/transactions


  • Lunch Break

  • Building and Leveraging 360 Customer View

    Data plays an essential role, in attributing marketing efforts to its success and identifying the next step in any marketing strategy. In this session, we explore how to build and leverage a unified customer view.

    Live workshop to help you with
    • Unifying data sources (transactional, behvoioural, engagement, inventory, acquisition source) for segmentation, automation, and personalization
    • Understanding the consumer psychology to influence purchasing behaviour
    • Building customer personas
    • Understanding key analytics such as cohorts, funnels to optimize campaigns/ lifetime value


  • Cracking The Code To Generational Marketing

    Despite having very similar usage behaviours, finding what 'sticks' with a GenZ customer might be radically different from what sticks with a Boomer. Infact, two boomers from different geographies will have different behavioural patterns.

    Let's uncover 'what sticks?' with data-driven insights and learn more on
    • Nano segmentation and putting customer demographics to the best use
    • Hyper-personalizing with the right context
    • A secret trick to boosting your conversions by 1.5X in just 15 days (Yes, really!)
  • Coffee Break

  • Retention, Funnels and Product Market Fit in D2C

    The data you collect from your D2C marketing campaigns is an important asset your business has. It drives your retention marketing stratgey and gives you detailed insight into your customers.

    Key session takeaways
    • Identifying your Ideal Customer Profile and Scalable Acquisition Funnels
    • Understanding CACs, LTV and Contribution margins
    • Understanding and mapping Acquistion Funnels with Customer Lifetime Value
    • Grabbing market share vs. Creating a category
  • Decoding D2C Strategy: Marketing to a Niche Audience

    What does the marketing playbook for a D2C brand look like? What plays an important role - is it data or selecting the right channel or both?

    Key session takeaways
    • How to retain users from a niche audience
    • Message strategy and the role data-driven decisions play
    • Power of upsell/cross-sell to ensure customer stickiness
Hall 1
  • Creating Brand Stickiness

  • Vanity Metrics vs Real Metrics
    Key session takeaways
    • What metrics matter for sustainable growth
    • Growth at All Costs - Still Relevant?
    • What kind of runway to plan for
    • The new ambition - 100 Cr. and profitable?
    • Alternate Endgames


  • Tea Break

  • Fireside chat with Arjun Vaidya and Trisha Rajani on their growth journey


  • Resilience as a Culture"Resilience As a Culture

    Key session takeaways
    • Horizon to think about when starting out
    • The Leader's Role
    • How to Hire, When to Fire
    • Messaging to Reinforce
    • The Tempting Shortcuts
    • Battle Stories and why it's worth it"
  • Lunch Break

  • Designing the Growth Org

    Key session takeaways
    • Org Design = A Reflection of Priorities
    • Thinking Short, Mid and Long Term
    • Evolution of Needs and Skills from 0-1, 1-10 and 10-100 stages
    • Wrong Foundations = Shaky Tower: Key Mistakes to Avoid


  • Beyond the First Million $

    Key session takeaways
    • What's your preferred framework for Expansion: Product Range / Geography / Audience / Channel?
    • Caveats and pitfalls - Mistakes you've made
    • When are Brand Investments Apt / Necessary / Critical
    • Knowing your DNA and revising for future


  • Tea Break

  • How NOT to Engage

    Key session takeaways
    • Orientation
    • Masterlist of Dos and Don'ts
    • Group Discussion / Submission of Entries
    • Insights from Speakers on the Playbook
  • Retention Lessons from Gaming - Teams, Customer Lifecycle and CLTV

  • Closing Remarks

  • WebEngage & ETBrandEquity 30 under 30 Retention Marketing Awards

Hall 2
  • The 80-20 Rule: Make Smart Moves with Automation

    The shift to online brought a boom to businesses, and many saw merit in investing in online marketing efforts. But does your marketing strategy justify the returns? This session uncovers the importance of omnichannel strategy and automation in maximising ROI.

    Live workshop to help you with
    • Omnichannel marketing strategy to build automated workflows
    • Using automation triggers to set the wheels in motion from Day 1
    • How to use business events to trigger automation


  • Winds Of Change: The Landscape of Edtech In 2022

    EdTech has undergone vast changes in the past few years, especially with the entire world studying remotely. Let's talk about the learnings from industry-leaders in EdTech.

    Key session takeaways
    • Generating conversions and maximizing ROI from leads
    • Converting repeat buyers into brand loyalists
    • Importance of attribution in measuring channel success
    • WebEngage
    • Senior Associate Director - Product, Simplilearn


  • Tea Break

  • Be a Retention Rockstar : Career Paths

    A 30-minute candid conversations with some of the brightest minds in CRM. With this session we'll spend time on understanding some broad career paths, skills you need to hone and getting interview-ready by understanding what potential recruiters look for in high-growth candidates. All of this followed by a 'ask-me-anything' session to address audience questions.

    In this session, we will
    • Single out the most common reason for learner dissatisfaction
    • Re-imagine a retentive experience from a learner's point of view
    • Teardown some successful, retention powered ed-tech products
  • Building Sticky Ed-tech Products

    It is the same story everywhere - after initial success, Ed-tech products suffer from high CACs, low retention, and scalability beyond a few verticals. Often these problems stem back to flaws in our product strategy.

    In this session, we will
    • Single out the most common reason for learner dissatisfaction
    • Re-imagine a retentive experience from a learner's point of view
    • Teardown some successful, retention powered ed-tech products
  • Lunch Break

  • Engaging the Distracted Consumer: Personalization

    Innovation in technology is changing the BFSI and Fintech marketing playbook. Understand the benefits of message strategy, segmentation, and personalization in your retention marketing effort.

    Live workshop to help you with
    • Segmentation vs. Personalization - what to use and when
    • How to leevrage segmention and personalization
    • The effect multi-variate testing can create on your opens, clicks, and more


    • WebEngage
    • Customer Success Manager, WebEngage
  • The Pull Your Push Can Create: How to Attract, Not Interrupt

    You don't put all your eggs in one basket, do you? So why focus all your marketing efforts on only a few conventional channels? When done right, Push notifications help you grow and retain your customer base.

    Key session takeaways
    • Impact of adding a powerful channel to your omnichannel strategy
    • Design user journeys that boost user engagement & conversions
    • High-impact tactics to cut through the clutter and stand out
    • WebEngage
    • Senior Associate Director - Product, Simplilearn


  • Tea Break

  • The Fintech Imperative In The Wake Of The Pandemic

    Fintech is red-hot. In a highly regulated space like financial services, there’s potential danger in going all-in on something that hasn't withstood the test of time or passed regulatory scrutiny. However, fintech seems to have cracked the code on keeping users engaged for the long haul in an era where ‘swiping right’ on financial services providers is so incredibly easy.

    Key session takeaways
    • The past, present and future of fintech apps
    • Personalization in the fintech world of security-conscious customers
    • Recipe for an upsurge of repeat customers


  • Data and Content Strategy - a Perfect Marriage to Drive Engagement

    Retention marketers are still struggling with how to exploit that potential to the fullest, not only when it comes to analyzing the data, but also on the application end. Understand the journey from data -> segmentation -> message -> conversions from Myntra’s playbook.

    In this session, we will
    • Actionable insights from data to drive marketing strategy
    • Multiple approaches to customer segmentation
    • Getting user attention through message strategy and the role personalization plays
  • Tea Break


Why EngageMint?

EngageMint is a celebration of the very best in Retention. We recognize the role Customer Engagement has to play in the future, and EngageMint is a way for us to create Awareness about the Problems, the Process and the Perks. EngageMint 2022 is structured to connect with the best in Retention Marketing business and help drive the Engagement evolution forward.


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