Facebook Remarketing

Focus on delivering a more personalized experience without the need to re-create an audience in Facebook. Enhance Facebook targeting with the power of your customer data.

Facebook Retargeting

Easy integration in two simple steps

Add your Facebook ad account in WebEngage. Once done, simply export a segment in WebEngage to your preferred
ad account and engage your users on Facebook and Instagram. No coding required!

WebEngage and Facebook Integration

True multi-channel experience for your users

Think beyond siloed marketing. Integrate Facebook and Instagram as engagement channels in your marketing strategy.

Multi-channel Experience - Facebook as a channel

Build audiences using WebEngage analytics

Use the power of WebEngage analytics to target customers based on their demographics, past actions, and intent.

Facebook - Lookalike Audiencess

Build lookalike audiences based on your high-intent segments

Find and connect with people who are similar to your segment of ‘premium users’ to grow your business.

Bring back users who uninstalled your app

Leverage Facebook and Instagram as engagement channels to bring back users who have uninstalled your app and are no longer reachable.

Facebook - Uninstall Analyticss

Export segment to Facebook in one click

Export your segments in WebEngage as audiences in Facebook in just one click. You can then target these users through Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

Facebook Dashboard


Enterprise Customers

400 Million

Users Tracked Monthly

75 Billion

Events Tracked Monthly

15 Billion

Messages Sent Monthly

1+ Million

Cross-Channel Campaigns

300 Million

Users Engaged Monthly

Amplify the effectiveness of Facebook campaigns by 10x