Google Ads

Stay connected with your audience beyond your platform with Google Ads integration. Drive conversions with pinpoint targeting without having to re-create audiences in your Google Ad accounts.

google ads remarketing

Easy one-click integration

Integrate your Google Ads account to WebEngage and start exporting the WebEngage segments to it. Once done, start targeting your users across Google Search & Display Network, Shopping and YouTube.

Easy one-click integration

Give your users the best possible multi-channel experience

Integrate Google as a channel into your marketing stack and create meaningful multichannel experiences by pairing it with 9 other ways to engage with your users.

multi-channel experience

Know your audience using WebEngage Analytics

Use the power of WebEngage analytics to target customers based on their demographics, past actions, and intent.

WebEngage Analytics

Precisely target your high-intent audience

Use accurate data flowing through the WebEngage dashboard to show ads across the Google network to only the ones highly likely to convert.

high-intent audience

Bring back churned as well as inactive users

Track your app uninstalls and leverage Google search, display or video ads to re-engage with your abandoned users and bring them back.

Google ads - Uninstall Analyticss

Build similar audiences based on your existing customers

Find and connect with potential customers who are similar to your other segments such as ‘valuable customers’ or ‘highest spenders’ to grow your business.

Google Ads Dashboard


Enterprise Customers

400 Million

Users Tracked Monthly

75 Billion

Events Tracked Monthly

15 Billion

Messages Sent Monthly

1+ Million

Cross-Channel Campaigns

300 Million

Users Engaged Monthly

Amplify the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns by 10X.