Orchestrate multi-channel campaigns with Journey Designer

Automate interaction across user's lifecycle with customer journey mapping. Design cross-channel communication workflows to engage your users at their moments of influence.

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How our Journey Designer works?

How our Journey
Designer works?


Lifecycle marketing campaigns as easy as drawing on a whiteboard

With a drag-n-drop interface, you can start creating engagement and retention workflows in a jiffy. Just set a business goal, assemble campaign and criteria components, and publish customer journey. Glance through a sample ecommerce consumer journey.


Add relevance to touchpoint marketing with customer journey designer

Replace spray and pray marketing techniques with contextual mapping of customer journey. Engage with micro-segmented audience at their moments of intent or influence. Drive engagement with automation workflow builder.


Engage with users where they are most engaged

The consumer decision making journey is increasingly multi-channel & multi-touch. So should your engagement strategy be. Build coherent, consistent messaging across all channels including web, mobile, email & more. Be the brand with the human touch.


Drive insights with customer journey analytics

Go beyond vanity campaign stats. Set business goals and measure the uplift on your conversion metrics using test and control groups, tying the impact back to sign-ups, re-order rates, revenue etc. Identify actionable cohorts and drive movements.

And that's not all

There's a lot more from where the above came from

The One stop solution to multi-channel marketing

User profiles, cross device segmentation, single customer view, personalisation, geo-fencing and much more to automate and super charge your marketing across channels

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