Trigger email marketing. Retain more users with personalised targeted emails.

Make your email campaigns stand out in user's inbox. Send triggered email messages targeted to micro-segments. Hyper-personalise your content in real time to make your message contextual and relevant.

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Personalize your triggered email campaigns with dynamic email templates, personalisation tokens and event attributes.

Trigger emails automatically based upon user actions and attributes. Automate personalised emails based on user-profile/actions across multiple stages of user lifecycle.

Triggered Email Marketing Campaign


Reachout only to those user micro-segments that matter

Increase ROI of your automated email marketing campaigns by triggering them based on right business rules. Increase engagement via cart abandonment emails, new user on-boarding triggered emails, sending personalised offers etc. to target segment.

Triggered Email Segmentation Rule


Communicate when you want and your users desire

Set micro level delivery triggers for your triggered email campaigns. Convert more with high email personalisation, geo-fencing and a long list of conditional triggers to deliver your hyper-targeted emails.

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Track your email marketing campaign's effectiveness with real time data visualisations

Keep track of open rate, click rate and engagement of your emails. Define your goals, track results and get better. Measure the success of your automated email marketing campaigns with detailed reports.

Triggered Email Campaign Stats Dashboard

And that's not all

A long list of added features for your marketing engines to fire full throttle

  • Personalized Triggered Email
  • Ab Testing On Email Marketing Campaign
  • Cross Device Segmentation
Personalized Triggered Email
Ab Testing On Email Marketing Campaign
Cross Device Segmentation

The One stop solution to multi-channel marketing

User profiles, cross device segmentation, single customer view, personalisation, geo-fencing and much more to automate and super charge your marketing across channels

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