Different use-cases, different templates

Choose from an exhaustive studio of pre-designed templates to create visually enticing push notifications. Just add your message
with dynamic call-to-actions, images, elements of personalization - test your campaign and launch! No coding required.

Simple TextSending a humble reminder or a delivery update? Use our simple text-only template to get the message across.
Engaging BannerReminding users about products lying in the cart? Publish your campaign in no time with our rich banner template.
Interactive CarouselLaunching new products? Show them off with our carousel template and fight notification blindness with custom images.
Easy RatingNudging returning users to rate your app or the items they have purchased? Use our clean, UX friendly template.

Make each notification a personal message

Use personal details and preferences to take your messaging from coldly impersonal to warmly familiar in an instant.


Enrich push notifications with data from your systems

Fetch real-time data from any source such as your CRM system, recommendation engine, catalog, etc.
to create hyper-personalized notifications.


Track conversions to measure success

Easily and instantly view comprehensive campaign reports that measure the success of campaigns. Define control groups to measure the overall effectiveness of campaigns.


A/B test campaigns and send winning variation automatically

Test multiple variations of your push notification with smaller groups. Iron out imperfections in the beginning and analyze what works best.
We’ll then automatically send the winning variation to the larger audience for greater effectiveness.


Target users with geofencing

Create seamless online to offline experiences by engaging users with contextual, personalized notifications based on their location.


Get in-depth insights into push notifications as a channel

Find out how push notifications as an engagement channel is working for you compared to
other channels, and invest efforts and resource wisely.


Reach 30% more users with your push notification campaigns

Our push amplification engine boosts your push notifications delivery by up to 30%. That’s 30% more users you can
now reach, engage, and convert who would otherwise be missed opportunities.

Push Amplification

And many other features including

Cap Notification Frequency

Avoid flooding users with multiple notifications. Just specify an upper limit for a time frame and a time gap, and we’ll queue additional messages accordingly.

Specify Do Not Disturb Hours

Avoid disturbing users no matter which time zone they’re located in. Simply set-up the DND hours, and we’ll queue messages to be delivered when the time is right.

Create Many Types of Campaigns

Automate triggered campaigns, set-up recurring campaigns, send critical transactional campaigns or simply send a one-time notification.

Test Before Launch

Avoid errors by testing the different variations of your campaign with real user information for an actual preview before the message is delivered to your users.

Leverage Dynamic Templating

Give personalization a new depth by leveraging the power of templating in every campaign you create. Create smarter messages for higher impact.

Get User-level Insights

Analyze delivery, engagement, conversion and other metrics for each user targeted by a campaign. Download user details for further analysis and retargeting.



Enterprise Customers

400 Million

Users Tracked Monthly

60 Billion

Events Tracked Monthly

10 Billion

Messages Sent Monthly


Cross-Channel Campaigns

250 Million

Users Engaged Monthly

Amplify the effectiveness of Mobile Push Notifications by 10x