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Boost Your Push Notifications Delivery By Upto 30%

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The advent and growing adoption of Chinese Android devices across the world has transformed the user engagement for brands across industries – especially those who rely heavily on communication through mobile push notifications. In fact, data confirms that Chinese brands account for 32% of all smartphones in Europe and a whopping 66% in India alone. 

However, a large chunk of mobile push notifications never reaches to these users. Mostly because Chinese devices, in particular, have battery optimization issues that terminate their background processes, resulting in the push notifications not appearing on the user’s mobile device. This has created a significant challenge for mobile marketers around the globe.

Introducing WebEngage’s amplification engine! A powerful feature that smartly retries to send the undelivered notifications which are guaranteed to boost your push notifications delivery between 10% to 30%.

How does our amplification engine work?

Amplification helps deliver push notifications to devices (mainly Chinese Android devices like Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo, LeEco, etc.) where the notifications sent via Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)/ Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) initially remain undelivered. 

WebEngage’s amplification engine bypasses this and reattempts the delivery through the WebEngage platform, ensuring the push notifications are delivered to the device. Here’s how it works:

How does WebEngage’s amplification engine benefit you?

Based on our initial results, you can expect an uplift in impressions (and subsequently clicks, conversions, and revenues) anywhere from 10% to 30%, depending on the distribution of Android devices within your user base. 

Our powerful push delivery analytics and reports will help you track the deliverability and uplift of your push notification campaigns.

You can now start growing your ‘activated’ user base, increase engagement, and drive digital growth like never before. You can amplify your push notifications to drive user re-engagement and retention, without worrying about message delivery or failures; focussing on final conversion rates, and improved marketing ROI.  

Who can use WebEngage’s amplification engine?

Everyone who sends push notifications!

Currently, all WebEngage customers who have made the necessary changes in their SDK can access this feature. A majority of our customers have already begun using the feature – including marketers and product managers at leading eCommerce and OTA brands. They have started refining their current campaigns and are quite excited about the compelling value that WebEngage’s amplification engine is bringing to their campaign performance.

We will continue to enhance this feature to reach more complex devices (OEMs) and create a bigger impact in shaping the future of customer engagement. While our research and insights guide us, we would love to know more about what you think and how you see this space shaping up for you? Do comment below or tweet to @webengage with your opinions.

If you are new to WebEngage and interested in learning more about this feature, check out our knowledgebase or feel free to get in touch with us. 

Take a demo with WebEngage today to implement these use cases, boost sales, and skyrocket your revenue.


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Swati leads Product Marketing at WebEngage and likes conducting experiments that help data-driven marketers and PMs leverage WebEngage to build better user-engagement strategies. She is excited about seeing companies discover insights and transform their businesses with WebEngage. A graduate from BITS Pilani, Swati has done research in aerospace where she ran a very different set of experiments!

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