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Targeted Search Engine Marketing with Google Ads

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Why Use WebEngage for Google Ads?

Export User Segments

Choose from a gallery of templates or simply drag-and-drop to create your.

Create Lookalike Audiences

Create targeting rules on Google based on your existing buyer persona.

Target with Precision

Send contextual messages via Google ads network, and hit the right note with your customers.

One Platform Solving a Sea of Use Cases

Geographic Targeting

Target customers in a particular geography or vicinity of your business.

Keyword Targeting

Get in front of the line and be found for what your brand stands for.

Lookalike Audiences

Reduce marketing costs by only targeting people who are likely to buy

Brand Awareness

Increase top-of-the-mind recall with your customers.

Easy One-click Integration

Create High-intent, Matching Buyer Personas

Target the Right Users Through Google Ads with a Data-backed Approach

Think Beyond Siloed Marketing. Think Omnichannel