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What to expect in the demo?

Our marketing automation experts will take a exploratory deep dive into your business needs. They will guide you in sharing guidelines and best practices in implementing triggered campaigns across channels that you use.

  • 1. Understand current status of your multi-channel marketing efforts

  • 2. Appraise marketing pain points specific to your business

  • 3. Customised product walkthrough in sync with your priorities

  • 4. Share industry specific use-cases/case-studies

  • 5. Share expected conversion uplift metrics


Solve your business use cases with DIY user workflow builder

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What is the WebEngage
marketing cloud?

Platform to manage unified user journey across web and mobile apps via onsite Surveys/Notification, Push and In-App Messages, Email and SMS. Implement business specific use-cases with Journey designer, a drag-n-drop based workflow creator.

  • Dynamic User Profiles
  • Cross-Channel Engagement
  • Segmentation
  • BFSI - Insurance renewal

  • Ecommerce - Wishlist to purchase

  • Saas - Onboarding

  • OTA - Mobile app reactivation

Industrial specific use cases


How do I get started with WebEngage marketing cloud?

Just signup on WebEngage and you will find the direct link inside WebEngage Dashboard to get started. More information here

How much does WebEngage cost?

The WebEngage platform is entirely free for a 14-day period. There are 4 central pricing plans, Solo, Band, Choir and Orchestra. You can unlock access to the WebEngage platform starting at $199 per month for 10k Monthly Active Users.

Any tech pre-requisite for marketing cloud?

Depends on the complexity of business usecase. For engaging with contacts (identified users/user-segments), a simple one-time integration for passing user/system events would be needed. For engaging with anonymous users, just integrate WebEngage to your website/mobile app and start creating engagement campaigns/workflows. More info here - Web SDK, Android SDK, iOS SDK

Can I migrate my existing ESPs and SMS providers for sending engagement campaigns from WebEngage?

Absolutely Yes! you can simply add credentials for respective ESP(s) and/or SMS provider(s) and start creating multi-channel campaign straight away.

Are there any industry specific use-cases for workflow builder?

Yes! you can create workflows to solve industry specific use-cases for e-commerce, travel/hotel, classifieds, banking/finance, real estate, education/training, media & entertainment, B2B, healthcare and more.

Use-cases are around content personalisation, triggered communication, increasing app engagement, nurturing and onboarding flows, churn prediction and reduction, targeted reviews/feedback based on user transaction, up-sell/cross-sell of products/services, sending targeted promotional messages.

WebEngage is Trusted by 40,000+ businesses worldwide

WebEngage is a transformational tool. It stitches all channels unifying communication in a consistent experience. More importantly, the product
allows us to easily build a nudging communication plan which adopts to user behaviour. Kunal Mahajan | Product Manager,

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