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What is JavaScript? 

A trademark of Oracle Corporation in the United States and invented by Brendan Eich, JavaScript is a programming language used for scripting web pages, but today has evolved into a powerful language used in web browsers and servers. Better yet, most JavaScript is free to use for everyone.

A typical example of JavaScript can be seen in games, wherein you click on a few buttons to reveal dynamic animation, engaging visuals, interactivity, 2D and 3D graphics, etc. Additionally, javascript is usually there on your browser, application, and website, so the hassle of downloading something separately becomes minimal. Developers can also build native and cross-platform web applications for android and iOS with the help of JavaScript’s framework.

More about JavaScript

Versatile and beginner-friendly, it’s one of the world’s most widely used and spoken-about computer languages. Due to this reason, there is a vast community built around it. The support and ease of access have enabled anyone to access multiple open-source libraries, thereby bringing new users daily into the group.

However, even though it’s a more straightforward language to learn compared to CSS and HTML, getting comfortable with it is a more challenging job than its counterparts. You need to be able to understand some of the nuances of HTML and CSS to nail your understanding of JavaScript. 


You need:

  1. HTML to define the content of your web pages
  2. CSS to specify the layout of said web pages
  3. JavaScript to program the behavior of these web pages

But if you have a basic understanding of programming know-how, JavaScript will take a total of 2 days for you to understand its basics. Of course, it’s nowhere near to being on a professional level per se, but it’s enough time to get you kickstarted with all the functions and capabilities.

We’re here to tell you how exactly JavaScript works and how it benefits you.

How does JavaScript help you? 

JavaScript helps you in a wide variety of ways, including, but not limited to:

  1. Creating mobile applications 
  2. Making front-end developments (o create the visible parts of a website)
  3. Adding interactive elements to your website
  4. Web development on the server
  5. Aiding cloud-based development
  6. Building desktop applications
  7. Building interactive and visually appealing games/data visualization
  8. Excellent language for working with AI
  9. Browser add-ons
  10. Client-side website validation 

Yes, seriously. JavaScript is also one of the most widely used programming languages used by hackers in 2022. Discovering vulnerabilities to a website, its loopholes, adding malware/viruses to a website, adding malicious code, and tracking browsing history are all possible within its scope.

Another reason the programming language is so famously used is that most developers don’t need to run another command before using it on a web page, simply refreshing the page does the trick. Without JavaScript’s functionality, 90% (if not more) of your web pages would be static, and you’d only have the dynamic changes like animations that CSS provides. 

It does not need an environment setup, is standardized, gets frequently updated with new versions, and serves everyone, from beginners to intermediate and even advanced developers. What more does one want?

Does JavaScript have cons?

Like every other thing in the world, it does have its fair share of cons. 

JavaScript is not as efficient as C/C++ when it comes to debugging. Since browsers don’t show errors, it may get increasingly difficult for a developer to pinpoint what’s going wrong. Add that to the fact that JavaScript is interpreted differently in different browsers.

However, if this has managed to interest you, make sure to look at JavaScript libraries, which are nothing but pre-written JavaScript code that allows for easier development of JavaScript-based applications. And everyone you hear talking about it on the internet will simply tell you how much fun it is to play with the programming language.


JavaScript is the most used language today, quickly gaining popularity in new areas. It’s impossible to be interested in the coding world and not come across this gargantuan feat. This also means that this skill will not go out of demand anytime soon, which might make you interested in trying a little slice of the pie, no?

All the best!

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