What Is Lead Activation?

Lead activation is creating active engagement in users to the point where they are about to buy from you. Think of it as targeting users, getting them acquainted with your brand, and generating engagement from them to a point where they become high-quality sales opportunities.

What Is A Lead Activation Cycle?

A good content strategy is the heart of a lead activation process. The lead activation cycle begins with ignorance from the user to awareness and then curiosity. The moment curiosity turns into intent is when you’ve hit the mark. This phase is the deciding factor whether a user converts or not. At this stage, your content promotion part of the strategy should be at its peak, when the user is most likely to buy from you.

The Hero Of Lead Activation

One thing that remains constant throughout the lead activation journey is engagement. It is hard to pinpoint which stage of lead activation sees the most engagement, but if the content strategy is well-planned, high engagement is guaranteed, and you can count on it to bring you some of the most qualified leads.

The Purpose Of Lead Activation

  1. Conversions, of course.
  2. Making the switch from curiosity to intent.
  3. Brand awareness in the bigger picture.
  4. Understanding gaps, if lead activation doesn’t work out as planned.


Lead activation functions just like your funnel. The goal is to get people to enter the top funnel and keep moving ahead till they reach the bottom funnel. Every step in the process is aligned with the user’s journey progression.