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Marketing Automation

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As a marketer, a few hundred things are on your mind when you run your business. And making sure that you send your users the right message at the right time makes up for most of it. But sending a few hundred emails and push notifications manually? That’s a no-go.
So what helps in aiding your communication strategy to work seamlessly? Marketing automation.

Marketing Automation Defined

Simply put, marketing automation takes out the manual effort from your marketing campaigns. So, if a potential customer abandons a cart, you wouldn’t need to send them an email manually, a marketing automation tool will do that for you. In other words, marketing automation makes converting leads into sales easier by reaching out to customers across channels like email, WhatsApp, SMS, push notifications, and more.

Why is Marketing Automation important?

Marketing automation simplifies reaching out to users without bombarding them with generic and unplanned communications. It is also streamlined, so you understand who your users are, how they interact with your website, and when to send them communications.

98% of the users on your website will not be ready to buy from you. Marketing automation influences them to purchase by contextual sending emails or text messages. These communications don’t always have to be promotional. You can also send out exciting content that will push them to get acquainted with your brand even more.

Here is an example

Imagine that you are a digital fitness app that provides users with personal trainers, diet plans, and everything that you need to get fit at home.

A user comes to your website because they’re interested in getting fit, they browse through the offerings or plans and drop off after sharing their email ID with you. Remember, getting a user’s email ID is crucial in marketing automation. The first goal to chase is to get the user to provide their email address.

Now, you can use this email ID to reach out to them with exciting offers, first-purchase discounts, complimentary add-ons, or anything that would push them to get in touch with you.

Marketing automation converts users who have shown interest in your product to customers who have bought your products at least once. To ensure that the same customers keep renewing their membership, we’ll need retention marketing.
Going forward, similar marketing automation practices can be used to upsell your products or services to the same customers increasing each customer’s Customer Lifetime Value.

Advantages of marketing automation:

  1. Create and nurture leads
  2. Improve marketing productivity
  3. Personalized customer journey
  4. Better customer relationships
  5. Reduce marketing costs by targeting specific customers


Long story short, age-old traditional marketing methods can help, but only to a certain extent. Marketing automation and retention marketing are the future for businesses to grow and acquire more market share. Any conversation about a company’s growth is incomplete without a plan built around marketing automation.

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