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Software Development Kit (SDK)

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In the modern development landscape, there are two major tools that enable you to build a good development ecosystem. SDKs and APIs.
And these don’t just apply to developers. As a mobile marketer, you will also come across these terms to better enhance the usage of your apps and platforms. And knowing when to use both is incredibly important in building a good development ecosystem.

What is an SDK?

And what does it contain?

SDK stands for Software Development Kit. Think of it as a virtual toolbox developers use to build an application or software. It is undoubtedly possible to create the software from scratch, but coding can be a long-tedious process, which is why developers rely on a Software Development Kit.

An SDK contains several files filled with code, known as libraries. These libraries help developers create a smooth-functioning application with ease. Each SDK is heavily customized for the platform it would be used for. To create an Android app, you need an Android SDK; similarly, to create an iOS application, you need an iOS SDK.

What do SDKs contain?

Even though the components of an SDK vary for different scenarios, here’s a list of things that it usually contains:

  1. Sample coding: A straightforward example of how the code will look for a platform.
  2. Code libraries: Coding shortcuts that developers use more than once.
  3. Documentation: A go-to guide for developers to use for instructions.
  4. Debuggers: To help with spotting errors before pushing the final code.
  5. Analytical tools: To check how the product works during production or testing.

To give you an example, a windows SDK sends out a message to the system to perform an action easily without having to manually code everything from scratch. SDKs also contain visual tools for the developer to easily design buttons, text boxes, etc.

People often confuse SDK with API (Application Programming Interface), but they are two completely different platforms. While an SDK is an end-to-end development toolbox to create any application, an API is the communication is used to facilitate the communication between the two. Both SDK and API work hand in hand to improve User Experience. If you wish to read more about API, click here.


Learning about SDKs and APIs becomes a crucial part of successfully becoming a mobile marketer, as well as a developer in the marketing world. Although their overlapping details may make for a few confusing minutes, but in the long run, integrating third-party applications becomes easier. Head on over to the WebEngage website to learn how to integrate your own SDKs with the platform to pave way to a host of features on the dashboard.

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