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Win-back (Customer+Period)

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No matter how good your campaigns are, you will never acquire a 100% success rate across any channel. There will always be users who are left out, missed, inactive, lost interest in your brand, blocked you, or simply not reachable.
This is where the concept of win-back comes to the fore.

What is a win-back campaign?

A win-back campaign, also known as reactivation or a retargeting campaign, helps you acquire these users that are left out.

The best users that can be won back are, in 2022, divided into three broad categories:

  1. Those who chose your competitors over you
  2. Those who dropped off because of pricing issues
  3. Those who didn’t have a good user experience / complained about your services

How does it help me?

Win-back campaigns help any marketer regain potential customers and ensure their email list isn’t filled up by subscribers who aren’t interested in the content. Moreover, a wide range of opportunities (like increasing customer lifetime value) come with winning users back, which remains unexplored.
Ideally, you should keep reminding your users that you exist and that you’re the best in the market and offer some discounts to keep them coming back while you’re at it.

How can I influence it?

When you see users dropping off your campaigns or not engaging with your content enough, it’s time to retarget them and bring them back to your brand. And in the long run, when you keep acquiring new users, having so many users churning out of your brand may hugely influence numbers, sales, and your retention rate. It is also very expensive to keep acquiring new users without the old ones returning.

Targeting these audiences during the win-back period can help you make the most of your efforts. How does one calculate the win-back period for an average user? Segment users based on their last purchase. And, of course, consider your industry and the standard purchase rate. Three months no sale? 6 months no sale? Target them accordingly.
Based on industry and competition frequency, every user should make at least 6 to 10 purchases (more for E-commerce and D2C) in a year. If you wait too long, your campaigns may not be as effective.

Why do my users keep dropping out?

There are a few reasons, which may or may not be in your control, that affect your users:

  1. Competition 101 – Is your competitor doing better than you? Find out. Is there a new product that’s better than yours? Time to up the ante with your campaigns.
  2. Budget 101 – When COVID-19 first hit, purchasing power was drastically fluctuating. Have a look if prices of other necessary products have gone up or other budget-based issues are coming your way.
  3. Offline life 101 – Stores and outlets are now back up and running again, and people want to make the best of their offline experience after a horrible and cooped-up 2.5 years. Will an offline outlet suit you? Time to consider it.

Here are some ways you can win back your users:

  1. Ensure you want them back – Not every user is ideal for you. Use your segments and make the best use of them.
  2. Rain offers, discounts, and price dips galore – Offers and discounts are one of the fastest ways to bring a user back to your platform and retain them with good quality service.
  3. Personalize your work – You can open up with a statement showing you care, then tailor the rest of the message to best suit your needs.
  4. Use retargeting ads – Tailor your content based on their behavior, geolocation, or previous purchases.
  5. Ask for feedback – Ask, and you shall receive. Simply ask your users what went wrong, and then try to fix their issues.
  6. The best channel for win-back strategies is usually email since inactive users are more likely not to have unsubscribed, even if they’ve uninstalled your application.


Win-back customers and appropriate win-back periods make for a considerable component in retaining users and increasing revenue and conversion rates.
Once you understand how vital a win-back campaign is, you can create your own. The best way to regain lapsed customers is to show you care with the help of personalized campaigns, reasonable offers and discounts, and a general analysis of your brand.
WebEngage offers a host of personalization elements for you to experiment with for a holistic user experience. So get exploring and get converting.

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