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Healthtech Company Matida Reduces Funnel Drop-Offs By 40% In 5 Months With The WebEngage Startup Program
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Quick Facts

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    Increase in user acquisition using app push notifications

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    Decrease in user drop-offs in 5 months

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    Boost in repeat rates / user sessions

Thanks to the WebEngage Startup Program, our user engagement efforts have become more effective with personalized campaigns and streamlined processes, leading to reduced manual work, lower churn rates, and an enhanced app experience.

Stephanie Stadler
Co-Founder & CMO, Matida

With healthcare, innovations are harnessing the power of digital technology to create transformative solutions. Matida, a health tech company, is changing the narrative by dedicating itself to empowering expectant mothers with proper knowledge and resources for pregnancy.

Every pregnancy is unique, as are the needs and challenges of the mother and the baby. Matida raises the bar for caring for mothers and children by giving them the right information during their pregnancy journey. Hence, engaging and retaining users through the journey becomes critical.  

This is why Matida joined hands with the WebEngage Startup Program to start its journey with retention-led growth. The brand wanted to ensure every user gets the best experience and bridge the communication gap with personalized engagement.

About Matida

Matida is a revolutionary health tech mobile application designed for expectant mothers in Southeast Asia. It provides a comprehensive pregnancy tracking experience, and users can access valuable insights and support throughout their journey, from the earliest signs of pregnancy. 

Matida is dedicated to empowering moms-to-be with the right knowledge, resources, and support to navigate their path confidently and joyfully. Specifically designed for pregnant women, the innovative app offers:

  • High-quality content tailored to individual needs
  • Targeted and relevant information in engaging formats
  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Smart features that connect mothers with essential services

Recognizing that health includes physical and mental well-being, Matida also promotes the mental health of young women. Their mission is to make motherhood a truly joyful experience. 
By combining convenience, personalization, and expert advice, Matida offers an all-in-one solution, streamlining prenatal care and empowering moms-to-be to feel confident and prepared without the hassle of navigating multiple apps or services.


  1. Implement personalized engagement strategies for different user segments to enhance user experience and drive retention.
  2. Develop reactivation strategies to prevent user churn among inactive segments and re-engage them effectively.
  3. Driving feature adoption and improving product engagement by showcasing value-added features and functionalities.
  4. Enhance onboarding processes and optimize user experience post-sign-up. 

Matida’s Challenges

  • Identifying user behavior indicating disengagement, accurately segmenting inactive users, and crafting targeted reactivation campaigns.
  • Designing a user-centric onboarding experience to ensure a smooth user journey and reduce drop-offs.
  • Designing a personalized omnichannel journey to engage expectant mothers with useful information & resources and enhance their overall app experience without being intrusive.
  • Solution: Collaboration with the WebEngage Startup Program (WSP)

    The Matida team has successfully leveraged its partnership with the WebEngage Startup Program to fuel its growth. By utilizing the WebEngage platform, Matida has seen significant results in driving user sign-ups and retention.


    Results matida


    The partnership between WebEngage Startup Program and Matida, a revolutionary health tech app, showcases a remarkable union in the digital health industry.
    WSP’s exceptional customer support was a crucial catalyst for Matida’s growth. It provided prompt expertise that seamlessly integrated WebEngage’s features.

    The intuitive and user-friendly WebEngage dashboard empowered Matida to create tailored experiences and build a thriving community of expectant mothers.
    By combining forces, WSP and WebEngage have not only met but surpassed Matida’s expectations, demonstrating the profound impact of a customer engagement platform and innovative technology in driving success in the health tech industry.

    Stephanie Stadler

    Stephanie Stadler Co-Founder & CMO, Matida

    Thanks to the WebEngage Startup Program, our user engagement efforts have become more effective with personalized campaigns and streamlined processes, leading to reduced manual work, lower churn rates, and an enhanced app experience.

    To know how Matida increased user acquisition, repeat user sesssions, and reduced drop-offs and more, download our Impact Story™ now.
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