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Sastaticket, Pakistan’s largest online travel agency, completes onboarding and goes live within 5 weeks
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The Onboarding and Customer Success Teams at WebEngage made the integration process hassle-free. We were ready to go live within 4-5 weeks.

Shaz Akram
Head of Online Marketing, Sastaticket

Customer onboarding is an integral part of the customer experience at WebEngage. We understand that if you’re running a fast-growing business you would want to get started with the platform instantly.

So we go the extra mile to make sure that our customers can get started with our Marketing Automation dashboard in no time to achieve their desired goals through user engagement and retention initiatives.

Here’s a story of how Sastaticket, Pakistan’s largest OTA brand, was able to complete the integration process and go live with some crucial engagement campaigns within 5 weeks.

About Sastaticket

Sastaticket is Pakistan’s largest online travel agency. It is currently the only OTA in the region that aggregates all the domestic airlines.

Sastaticket’s mission is to democratize and make travel easier and more efficient for millions of travelers in Pakistan. It offers a full slate of travel products with the highest service standards. These include online reservation facilities for domestic and international flights, hotels, and holiday packages.

Today, Sastaticket has the largest inventory of domestic hotels. They have over 100,000 hotels and global properties listed on its app and website.

Adopting the right marketing automation platform

After trying a bunch of marketing automation platforms available in the market, Sastaticket was looking for a permanent solution that helps them solve the challenges centered around data unification, multi-channel communication, and increased travel bookings. Moreover, the team at Sastaticket wanted to associate with a platform that provides:

  • Quick and hassle-free onboarding and product integration
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Continuous product and growth guidance

“We were looking to partner with someone who had extensive experience of working with other online travel agencies. Who would allow us to learn from those experiences and help us move at a very fast pace.” – Shaz Akram, Head of Online Marketing at Sastaticket.

Sastaticket discovered WebEngage through Orangefox, our partner in Pakistan, and decided to adopt the WebEngage Marketing Automation Dashboard.

WebEngage in action

As soon as the onboarding phase started with Sastaticket, we deployed a dedicated team of onboarding specialists to aid the Sastaticket team throughout the integration phase and ensure a timed and personalized onboarding experience.

The Customer Success Manager at WebEngage caught up with the stakeholders at Sastaticket to get an in-depth understanding of the use cases & challenges. We mutually chalked up industry-relevant tracking plans and best practices along with realistic timelines for every deliverable.

Once the integration was completed, we helped the team at Sastaticket to go live with the primary use cases like increasing travel bookings on the website/app and accelerating the sign-up process among others.

Sastaticket witnesses 2x growth in number of travel bookings | Case Study

Shaz Akram

Shaz Akram Head of Online Marketing, Sastaticket

The most significant part of working with WebEngage has been the speed at which we’ve been able to move. The Onboarding and Customer Success Team at WebEngage made the integration process hassle-free and convenient. Within 4 – 5 weeks, we were ready to go live with our primary use cases and the speed at which queries and concerns were handled was brilliant.

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