Airblack gained 13% increase in monthly subscriptions by leveraging retention

Airblack gained 13% increase in monthly subscriptions by leveraging retention


Airblack is an online learning platform for micro-entrepreneurs and creators. The platform focuses on upskilling its customers to help them start their businesses and is currently focused on beauty and food microentrepreneurs. Airblack follows a DIT (do-it-together) courses model, where the customers get to practice with curated beauty experts and learn from them. It also provides live workshops, online portfolio space to its customers, personalized assignments followed by feedback, and much more. Since its inception in 2019, Airblack has enabled its customers to become micro-entrepreneurs, salon owners, and freelancers. Within a year, 25,000+ learners from 500+ cities have attended various courses at a much faster pace and at a fraction of the traditional education costs.

To leverage users’ behavioural data to build meaningful communications. To drive conversions from free trials.

Airblack’s mission is to enable more micro-entrepreneurs in India. The platform focuses on helping entrepreneurs get into the creator-first economy and convert their passion into a livelihood. To achieve this, it becomes crucial to engage and retain its customers using behavioural data and journeys. That’s when Airblack started looking for a retention platform that could meet its expectations and applied to the WebEngage Startup Program.

Sending contextual campaigns to boost subscriptions Airblack provides its customers with professional beauty and hairstyling courses. To convert trial users to subscribers, Airblack crafted the right communication flow with the help of WebEngage advisors as follows. Users can opt to attend trial courses and get certificates for attending. Using emails and WhatsApp, Airblack ensures maximum attendance for these trial courses. Upon completing the free trials, users are nurtured and educated about the courses and encouraged to sign-up for the paid memberships.

Airblack received 13% increase in monthly subscriptions SOLUTION Airblack wanted to build a unified profile of its customers to send the right communications at the right time. The WebEngage advisors enabled the team at Airblack to consolidate the user data on the WebEngage dashboard. By using WebEngage’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), Airblack gets a unified view of its customers based on various touchpoints and events like attending free trials, booking free trials, landing on the home page, viewing a video, and so on. The user data and events are then used to trigger campaigns across different stages of the users’ journey.

“When you start your journey into marketing automation, there are hundreds of things to solve. The WebEngage team is very consultative and helps us focus on the right things that matter across stages. Today, in our marketing funnels and journeys, we can not imagine our life without WebEngage.” Name: Videt Jaiswal Designation: Co-Founder, Airblack “ The WebEngage Startup Program helps us, right from scoping out the use cases to implementation and trying out different strategies to build meaningful communications with customers. It has been a great experience of learning together and impacting our customers’ lives. The best part of this journey is the sheer amount of help and support we have received from the WebEngage team from the beginning.” Name: A Vaibhav Raj Gupta Designation: Co-Founder

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  • Created: 14 Jul 2022
  • Last Updated: 14 Jul 2022