Case Study: Juicy Chemistry witnessed a 4.5x growth in Email Conversions in May

Case Study: Juicy Chemistry witnessed a 4.5x growth in Email Conversions in May


Founded in 2014 by husband-wife duo Megha and Pritesh Asher, Juicy Chemistry was established to provide simplified skincare. The D2C brand offers a 100+ product range of natural and organic skincare products consisting of basics from cleansers, toners, and moisturizers to innovative naturally-activated serums. In 2022, the brand set up its flagship store in Chennai – a mark of its foray into the offline retail space.


Juicy Chemistry’s online business is split between its website and mobile application, with most shoppers preferring the website. The business also caters to a range of shoppers, from loyalists to variety-seeking, one-time shoppers.
Hence, the main objective was:
1. To tailor and maximize the impact of communications on each persona, and
2. Track the effectiveness of campaigns and the impact generated


1. Lack of access to data and metrics
2. Unable to create dynamic segments to target users better
3. Detailed analysis of conversions, such as the type of conversion (Click-Through, Send-Through, Open-Through) or user-level conversions data
4. Centralizing all journeys across retention channels (Email, WhatsApp, and SMS) to ensure a richer, seamless user experience


While another service provider that Juicy Chemistry previously engaged with provided primary data and metrics, certain features remained absent. WebEngage became one of the most effective user engagement and retention platforms. Juicy Chemistry wanted to solve specific issues rapidly, and the team at WebEngage seemed ready and eager to help. WebEngage’s analytics, segmentation, personalization, and engagement channels help businesses get a 360° view of their users, products, and campaigns, which we also aimed to achieve. The easy-to-use dashboard made it simple to
compare the impact of each channel of engagement and helped growing businesses maximize the impact of retention.


WebEngage allowed Juicy Chemistry to test email communications ensuring higher inboxing in non-promotional folders. The vast array of analytics available on the platform allowed Juicy Chemistry to experiment with channels, segments, timings, and messaging, resulting in better engagement. Consequently, this has led to a higher relevance among the returning users and improved conversions.


1. A 4.5X growth in Email Conversions and 2X improvement in Email Open Rates (May compared to JFM Quarter, 2022)
2. 30% growth in the contribution of retention channels toward overall revenue


Juicy Chemistry was able to improve the overall health of their retention efforts. Using fewer sharply targeted communications, they improved the share of retention within overall revenue, and they continue to optimize channels, segments and spends using detailed analytics from WebEngage.

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  • Created: 05 Jul 2022
  • Last Updated: 05 Jul 2022