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Emtel’s FinTech platform blink partners with WebEngage to revolutionise customer engagement

Kresh Goomany, CEO, Emtel (left) and Hetarth VP, MEA & Managing Director – UAE, WebEngage.

blink, an award-winning FinTech platform and a subsidiary of Emtel Ltd, has partnered with WebEngage, a marketing technology (MarTech) company specializing in AI, automation, customer data platform (CDP), and advanced data analytics. This strategic partnership will see blink leverage WebEngage’s cutting-edge solutions to drive one-on-one customer engagement and deliver superior app-based experiences to its vast user base in Mauritius.

Emtel, the first telecom service provider in the entire Southern Hemisphere, launched services in 1989 as a key operator in Mauritius, a full-fledged ICT company with impactful services, including its FinTech platform blink. Winning the People’s Choice award for the best Fintech App in 2023, blink has emerged as a symbol of Mauritius’ fast-growing financial services sector. Its partnership with an innovator of WebEngage’s caliber is thus a development of great consequence for customers in Mauritius. blink allows customers to transact directly from any bank, any network, via a smartphone from anywhere at any time. As part of the partnership, WebEngage’s CDP-powered and generative AI-driven Marketing Platform will integrate with blink. This integration will help blink with more in-depth and insightful analytics. Indeed, the data-driven insights will help design meaningful customer journeys and experiences.

“blink was launched with the vision of empowering people in Mauritius with innovative financial instruments at their fingertips. We now want to boost engagement with our users through personalized communications and automated workflows, while providing consistent and seamless experiences across channels. WebEngage’s proven experience in marketing in the telecom industry and FinTech/FSI space comes in handy for us. Their CDP, FinTech-specific data model, and out-of-the-box use cases will help us improve our relationship with each and every customer,” said Kresh Goomany, Chief Executive Officer of Emtel. blink’s move to embrace automation and AI is both timely and commendable. The country is now leveraging digital transformation and developing broad-based financial systems, to which blink’s pivot to insights-led customer engagement can be a catalyst.

“We are excited to partner with an organization of great reputation and legacy in Emtel. Our CDP will be integrated with all their digital properties, such as web, app, and offline data. With our Identity Resolution Capability, we will develop a lot of AI-powered actionable insights and execute campaigns across a customer’s journey. Our Customer Success Team will acquaint the blink teams with global best practices and help them grow their revenues and improve retention,” said Hetarth Patel, VP – MEA & Managing Director – UAE, WebEngage.

Over 800 clients across retail, education, finance, food & beverages, media & publications, and healthcare, amongst other sectors globally, work with WebEngage’s ability to drive remarkable outcomes in customer experiences and operational revenue.

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