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Handhold Your Customers Across the Customer Lifecycle

Advance Your Lending Business with Our Features

Omni-channel Engagement

Leverage 10+ engagement channels to engage your investors.

Product and Revenue Analytics

User insights to not just collect & view, but to form hypotheses and act.

Customer Segmentation

Create granular segments based on real-time user information and data.

Campaign Personalization

Align every aspect of your messaging with your investor’s preference.

Transform Strategy into Actionable Growth

Retention Strategy for Your Lending Business

Frictionless Onboarding from the Very First Day

Engage with new borrowers and get them up & running in no time, enabling them to quickly reach the ‘aha’ moment of your platform.

Speak to Your Lending Customers 1:1 on Their Preferred Channel

Seamlessly execute engagement and retention initiatives such as EMI reminders, on borrower’s preferred mode of communication, and increase the percentage of repeat loans.

Automate Communication to Prevent Drop-offs

Implement a variety of drop-off communication journeys such as KYC completion, loan disbursement, loan request success to increase engagement by 50%.

Build Long-lasting Relationships That Make Customers Come Back

Learn what keeps your users coming back, by implementing event-based analytics. Drive customer loyalty and increase Customer Lifetime Value by 2x.

Tried and Tested Campaigns, Popular Amongst Our Lending Customers

Loan Disbursement

Application Drop-offs

Lead nurturing

KYC Completion

EMI Reminders


EMI Bounce Communication

Loan Request Success

Resources to Help You Use WebEngage to Its Potential

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We approached WebEngage when we were unhappy with a competitor's product. We wanted excellent service, which is one of WebEngage's intrinsic values. From Oberoi Hotels & EazyDiner to The Postcard Hotel, we're a 100% WebEngage client!

Kapil Chopra

Founder - EazyDiner & The PostCard hotel

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The Program helped us scale our business faster and bring down acquisition costs with time.


Ankit Agarwal

Founder, PHOOL

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