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Personalize Your Web Experiences with Little-to-no-code

800+ global brands trust WebEngage for customer engagement and retention

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Why Use WebEngage for In-line Personalization?

Seamless Experience

Let your website reflect the same messages as your promotional campaigns.


Hassle-free personalization platform with reduced technical dependencies.

Custom Themes

Make sure your on-page elements blend into your website with custom theming.

One Platform Solving a Sea of Use Cases

Welcome Banners

Greet your website visitors with a warp personalized message.

Cart Abandonment

Remind your customers of pending items in cart across the website.

Product Recommendations

Connect WebEngage with your recommendation engine and showcase high-propensity products.

Up-sell & Cross-sell

Show complimentary products and increase your average order value.

Provide 1:1 Product Recommendations at Scale

Convert a Static Website into Multiple Dynamic Instances

Create Campaigns for All Stages of the Customers’ Lifecycle

Bring the Power of A/B Testing to How You Sell

Bring Campaign Analytics to the Centre of All Your Engagement & Retention Efforts

Campaign Management

Design and manage your multi channel campaign to build a unified customer experience, all from the same dashboard.

Campaign Reporting

Analyze the effectiveness and overall performance of your In-line Content using data-rich reports and visual dashboards, in real-time.

Conversion Tracking

A simple 2-step way to understand the number of conversions per campaign and the amount of revenue it’s contributing to your bottom line.

Configuration Setting

Keep a check on your outgoing campaigns with features such as DND, Throttling, and Frequency Capping.