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How, a classifieds website, uses Emails, Web Push & SMS through Journeys to increase CLV by 3X
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    Increase in new registrations

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    Conversions from returning users

WebEngage, through its attribute-based retargeting, makes it easier to create unique user Journeys where sending recommendations becomes easier.

Mohul Mukherjee
Senior Manager - User Engagement,

Customer Profile

Sulekha is India’s leading digital platform for local services that connects users with local businesses.

The Objective attracts upwards of 10 million unique visitors monthly. Split this number with the 1200+ categories it has and the inherent complexity of tailoring communication for the numerous category cohorts. The sheer volume of users along with varied user behavior across categories makes it an uphill task to retarget the right set of users with personalized communication.

Given the complexity of the challenge at hand the marketing team at tussled to achieve the following:

  1. Retarget users who abandoned the lead capture form [LCF].
  2. Implement personalized communication at scale.
  3. Increase Customer Lifetime Value.

The WebEngage Effect

Enter WebEngage, with its cross-channel marketing orchestration capability, it allowed for creating a comprehensive workflow using triggers, flow controls, and conditions. Using WebEngage’s visual marketing automation tool, the Journey Designer, they created multiple user journeys. One of them focused at retargeting users.

Multiple User Engagement Journey Designer & Journey Automation ToolThe Journey automated the communication for a period of 3 weeks starting from users dropping off from Lead Capture Form. At every stage in the Journey, the system checks for reachability of users on different channels. Thus, the Journey aims to convert users within optimum touch-points.

Once the communication is rendered user events like email opens, clicks, are tracked that then trigger the second round of communication.

Personalised Email, Browser Push & SMS Example
The first set of retargeting campaigns has the direct category nudge. Followed by related category recommendations in the second. All communication personalized for the individual user.

The Result

The effect of personalized communication rendered using Marketing Cloud brought significant improvement in the metrics that mattered. Backed by increased customer retention, cross-selling opportunities the Customer Lifetime Value increased by up to 3X.
Moreover, the retargeting campaign had conversions of 30% after the second round of nudge and 40% for returning users.Sulekha - 3x Increased Customer Lifetime Value by WebEngage

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Mohul Mukherjee

Mohul Mukherjee Senior Manager - User Engagement,

We have 1,200+ categories that naturally creates equivalent number of category specific user cohorts. For such large amounts of data, lead nurturing becomes very difficult, tedious and mostly unmanageable. WebEngage, through its attribute based retargeting options, made it easier to create unique User Journeys where user retention and sending recommendations became easier. As a marketer, platform based targeting available on WebEngage helped optimize spends and increase customer life-time value by up to 3X.

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