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Mero School Witnesses a 2X MoM Increase in MAU through In-App Campaigns and Push Notification
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Quick Facts

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    Increase in unknown-to-known conversion user base since inception

WebEngage helped us reach out to our customers quickly and target the right kind of audience to grow our company at a rapid pace and appropriately engage them holistically. The onboarding is seamless, and customer support from the WebEngage team is the best.

Manish Kumar Sah
Project Manager, Mero School

About Mero School

Mero School is an online learning platform that provides video classes covering every base intended for schooling and bachelor’s level curricula, like Engineering, Management, and Science, along with various language classes. The school bases its standards on the Nepal government’s curriculum and believes all students should have access to high-quality learning experiences.

Developed by IT company Asterisk Technology, their focus is solely on Nepal, aiming to teach and transform technology in quality and distance education. Mero School provides students with multiple online opportunities to further their education and acquire the knowledge they need in their courses.

The education and courses they provide are in Nepali and are available at very affordable prices along with multiple offers, thereby paving a pathway to cater to the rural areas of Nepal.

With interactive and engaging video content, Mero School strives to enhance the conventional way of learning through high-quality distance education. It supports better learning and understanding with rigorous online learning opportunities.


To increase Mero School’s user base, engage with them, and build a strong foundation for customer retention.


  • Increase awareness about the brand among the general public
  • Lack of the right tools to onboard end-users and engage with them
  • Inability to convert unknown users and unlock their full potential

Features Used

  • Journey designer
  • Push notifications
  • Emails

Why WebEngage

WebEngage was the first among its competitors to reach out to Mero School to promote and build its business. It provided the perfect platform for omnichannel marketing, push notifications, and email marketing. WebEngage possessed the necessary capabilities to help Mero School reach unknown users and help convert them to known users, which was a significant hurdle for Mero School.

As an object to proliferate online teaching, retaining users was always vital for Mero School, and so was hyper-personalization. The primary reasons why the school picked WebEngage’s services.


WebEngage was the first digital market platform for the brand, which onboarded us from the get-go, having already seen the journey through Merolagani.

With the help of thorough in-app campaigns and push notifications, the brand saw an increase in engagement, win-back purchases, and, consequently, revenue.
It saw a rapid increase in first-time user conversion since retaining customers was their North Star metric.

Mero School WebEngage

  • Expanding user base with email campaigns
  • Earlier, they had 30K known users. The number soon skyrocketed to a whooping 120K known and unknown users with the help of email engagement.

  • Engaging with push notifications
  • They could also track unknown users, see their journey and convert them accordingly if they allowed push notifications. They could also leverage push notifications to target (reachable) unknown users on their platform for a successful sign-up.

  • Win-back campaigns
  • With the help of multiple solutions provided by WebEngage, win-back campaigns helped Mero School retain and engage with existing customers.

  • In-app personalization campaigns
  • Boosting engagement was the main target for in-app campaigns run by Mero School for successful engagement with end-users.


Nearly 80% increase in unknown-to-known conversion user base since inception.

Manish Kumar Sah

Manish Kumar Sah Project Manager, Mero School

With multichannel targeting capabilities in a single platform, WebEngage has helped us identify the right opportunities for growth and act upon them to deliver an end-to-end holistic experience to our students and customers.

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