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Luxury Accessory Brand AMYRA Sees An Impressive 5X Growth In Monthly Revenue With WebEngage In 6 Months
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Learn how luxury brand AMYRA amassed a holistic increase in revenue post onboarding WebEngage as their marketing automation platform.

Jatin Mandawat
Co-Founder & Partner, AMYRA


AMYRA emerges as a luxury accessory brand, born from an inherent passion for Indian textiles and a sincere aspiration to transform them into functional and elegant fashion accessories. With a mission deeply rooted in preserving India’s cultural heritage and historical legacy, AMYRA presents a thoughtfully curated collection of finely crafted accessories suitable for various occasions. Among its offerings, one can explore a diverse range of luxury potli bags and designer clutches skillfully constructed from materials sourced from across the nation.

This brand harmoniously balances traditional Indian artistry with modern design sensibilities, encapsulating a narrative that speaks to the heart of craftsmanship and cultural revival.

Key Features Used:

  1. Journey Designer
  2. Catalog
  3. RFM
  4. Segments
  5. SMS
  6. Email
  7. CDP

Company’s Objectives

  • Improving Repeat Purchases: The company’s primary focus is to bolster the rate of repeat purchases among its customer base. By fostering a deeper connection and sustained engagement, the aim is to encourage customers to choose the brand consistently for their needs.
  • Building a Customer Retention Infrastructure: To facilitate higher rates of repeat purchases, the company is dedicated to constructing a robust customer retention infrastructure. This initiative encompasses a multifaceted approach, including strategically designed customer journeys, well-timed one-time emails, SMS interactions, and leveraging the potential of WhatsApp engagement.
  • Increasing Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV): Central to the company’s objectives is the drive to elevate the lifetime value of its customers. By cultivating enduring relationships and providing value-driven experiences, the goal is to extend the duration and depth of each customer’s engagement with the brand, thereby augmenting their overall lifetime value.

Company’s Challenges In Driving The Objective

  • Overcoming Siloed Systems: Previously, Amyra utilized separate platforms for distinct communication channels, such as email, SMS, and WhatsApp; AMYRA recognized the need for a more integrated approach. The objective was to establish a coordinated and synchronized effort, allowing the brand to engage customers seamlessly across multiple channels.
  • Lack of a Functional Marketing Automation Tool: With a desire to streamline repetitive customer interactions, AMYRA sought to implement marketing automation tools. This initiative aimed to create customer journeys that efficiently automated routine touchpoints, thereby freeing up resources and ensuring consistent, timely engagement.
  • Lack of A Unified Solution: The absence of a comprehensive Customer Data Platform (CDP) prompted AMYRA to seek a single platform capable of encompassing diverse functionalities. By addressing this deficiency, the brand aimed to consolidate its operations, data, and communications into a centralized hub, facilitating a more holistic and effective customer engagement strategy.

Download our Impact Story know what steps AMYRA undertook that helped them achieve the following:

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The Way Forward

    On a Product Level:

    1. Enhancing CTRs & ROI: AMYRA plans to optimize Click-Through Rates (CTRs) to amplify engagement and drive stronger overall Return on Investment (ROI).
    2. Nurturing Second Purchases: The upcoming strategy revolves around inspiring repeat transactions from existing customers, fostering enduring brand loyalty and recurrent business.
    3. Boosting Website Conversions: AMYRA aims to elevate conversion rates on the website, refining the user experience to convert visitors into valued customers seamlessly.

    On a Company Level:

    1. Gaining User Insights: Understanding the importance of user feedback, AMYRA intends to employ exit intent techniques to gather insights, uncover areas for potential enhancement, and tailor strategies based on customer experiences.
    2. Expanding Journey Use Cases: The team’s vision extends beyond the current journey framework. The brand plans to explore and implement more use cases, ensuring a versatile engagement approach aligned with diverse customer requirements.

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Jatin Mandawat

Jatin Mandawat Co-Founder & Partner, AMYRA

WebEngage’s seamless integration and automation capabilities have saved us time and significantly enhanced our customer relationships. The ability to personalize communication based on customer behavior has resulted in remarkable growth in repeat purchases and engagement. It’s been a game-changer for us.

There’s a lot more to learn from AMYRA. To read on, download our Impact Story 🔽
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