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How SlicePay, a digital payment platform, uses Journeys to drastically reduce its sales conversion time by 64%
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Quick Facts

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    Improvement in sales conversion rate

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    Uplift in monthly conversions

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    Time between signup & first order

The ability to create coherent communication across the user lifecycle has brought a tremendous impact on our conversions.

Rajan Bajaj
CEO, SlicePay

Customer Profile

SlicePay is a digital payment platform for students to purchase products on credit without collateral. Using SlicePay college students can avail themselves of everyday products and services by making flexible monthly payments.

The Objective

Slicepay operates with a fairly straightforward process for lending money to students. The process begins with users signing up on the platform, followed by uploading required documents for verification purposes and selecting a preferred repayment plan. After completing these steps the user receives a credit limit using which she can shop the products of her liking online as well as offline.

SlicePay, improves sales conversion rate by 64% | Case Study
Invariably, there’s a drop-off at every stage of the funnel. Slicepay, while focusing on improving operational efficiency also aimed to optimize conversions at every stage of its conversion funnel. Overall, Slicepay was looking to improve their sales conversion rates.

The WebEngage Effect

To begin with, speeding up the processing time between step one and three and increase the overall conversions, SlicePay segmented users into two groups:
Segment #1. Signed up but didn’t apply (for credit limit).
Segment #2. Approved Credit but not transacted

They created separate workflows catering to these broad segments of users. The workflows automated the communication based on triggers, user actions, and conditions across the user lifecycle.

Here are the two Journeys exemplifying workflow execution:

Journey #1 – Signed-up but didn’t apply

Journey Design for signed-up but not applied for next

SlicePay, improves sales conversion rate by 64% | Case Study

Journey #2 – Approved Credit but not transacted

Journey for approved credit with no transaction

personalised email and SMS example to initiate transaction

The Result

By virtue of being highly relevant to users the personalized, triggered campaigns gave astounding results. The ‘sales conversion time’ defined by the time between sign-up and first-order came down from 72 hours to – a nifty – 26 hours. A whopping 64% reduction.

Additionally, the monthly conversions (from sign-up to first order) increased by 58%.
increase conversions for micro lending company Slicepay by WebEngage

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Rajan Bajaj

Rajan Bajaj CEO, SlicePay

We used WebEngage’s Journey Designer to create automated workflows to engage with users on channels like Email, Push, Text, In-app and Web. The ability to create coherent communication across the user lifecycle has brought tremendous impact on conversions. Additionally, using Marketing Cloud has been pivotal in increasing overall efficiency of marketing at SlicePay.

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