Moglix, Asia's B2B E-commerce unicorn, witnesses 40% ROI using WebEngage

We've been able to effectively engage and retain our shoppers with targeted and hyper-personalized engagement campaigns.

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Ankita Malhotra
Senior Manager - Retention, Branding & Communication at Moglix

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About Moglix

Founded in 2015, Moglix is a B2B E-commerce unicorn. The company is intensively inclined towards B2B procurement of industrial products like Electricals, Lightning, Power tools, Office supplies, and more.

As a leading industrial equipment supplier, Moglix has 300K+ SKUs, 250K+ SME clients, 5K+ suppliers, and 35+ product categories. Users can seamlessly navigate through Moglix’s app/website and purchase any industrial product they are looking for.

Adopting the right retention platform that meets Moglix’s needs

Moglix adopted the WebEngage Retention Operating System to offer memorable shopping experiences and hence, drive business growth.

Here’s a glimpse of the use cases they’ve implemented using WebEngage. If you want to get detailed insights into Moglix’s success story, you must check out the detailed version.👇



  • Boost shopper engagement and retention
  • Increase the business revenue and Return On Investment (ROI)


  • Automating shopper engagement
  • Sending personalized communication at scale


Sending real-time order status updates via Transactional Push Notifications

To send real-time order updates and time-sensitive information, the team at Moglix uses Transactional Push Notifications. WebEngage’s Transactional campaign API enables them to send critical messages to its shoppers such as orders placed, orders shipped, and orders delivered. This enables Moglix to offer a good experience to its shoppers by eliminating post-purchase anxiety.

Encouraging abandoners to place an order

As online purchase journeys aren’t straightforward, sometimes, shoppers need a little push on their path to purchase. The team at Moglix uses a data-driven approach to target abandoners with in-the-moment multi-channel communication based on Funnel Analysis. And encourage them to quickly add products to the cart, and eventually motivate them to purchase.

Improving email campaigns’ performance through expert assistance

With the help of a dedicated team of Email Marketing Experts at WebEngage, the team at Moglix implements specific test cases based on several parameters like Sender name, Subject line, the language of the Email content, etc. And also leverages the best practices of email marketing to improve inbox placement rate and ROI.


The team at Moglix has been able to improve its shopper engagement and retention with the help of data-backed, hyper-personalized communication. They continue to deliver exceptional shopping experiences at scale and drive exponential business growth.

The WebEngage effect on Moglix

The WebEngage effect on Moglix

  • Created: 03th Aug , 2021
  • Last Updated: 07th Feb , 2022

Ankita Malhotra

Ankita Malhotra Senior Manager - Retention, Branding & Communication at Moglix

With the help of WebEngage’s Retention Operating System, we have been able to effectively engage and retain our shoppers with targeted and hyper-personalized engagement campaigns. With automated workflows, we are now able to save time and money in marketing and achieve an ROI of 40%.

Sounds interesting? The detailed version has some fantastic insights!

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