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Virtual Drive-Thru App N.GO Witnesses 6x Jump in Repeat Purchases in 1 Quarter with WebEngage
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  • Industry:
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    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Quick Facts

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    Increase in 3, 6, 9, & 15-day conversions

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    Jump of returning users increased

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    Jump in MAUs

The seamless integration of WebEngage with our digital marketing efforts has yielded outstanding results, making it an essential tool for any digital marketer looking to excel in the industry.

Shinal Perera
Digital Marketing Lead, n.go

About n.go

n.go is an innovative virtual drive-thru app that revolutionizes the food ordering process, seamlessly integrating curb-side pickup into its array of features. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a commitment to delivering a seamless, convenient, and time-saving experience, n.go is poised to redefine how customers interact with restaurants.

Through strategic partnerships with various restaurants across multiple locations, n.go ensures that customers are presented with an extensive selection of culinary options, promotions, and enticing offers. This broad and varied range of choices enhances the overall customer experience, encouraging loyalty and repeat business, all while facilitating the convenient option of curb-side pickup for those who prefer a contactless dining experience.

In addition to enhancing customer satisfaction and offering the convenience of curb-side pickup, n.go provides significant advantages to partner brands. These advantages include heightened sales figures and improved customer engagement and retention, solidifying n.go’s position as a valuable asset to consumers and restaurants alike.

Key Features Used:

  • Journey Designer
    • based on FTP,
    • Repeat Purchase,
    • Welcome Journey
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Funnels to create journeys to address gaps

Company’s Objectives

  • Granular objectives: Maximizing the long-term value of our customer base by strategically harnessing the power of retention and re-engagement across diverse channels, driving sustained growth and profitability for our organization.
  • Personalized Content: Develop personalized content and messaging for different user segments to boost engagement. Leverage user data to deliver relevant content at the right time.
  • Automated Email Campaigns: Implement automated email sequences triggered by user actions or milestones, such as onboarding, abandoned carts, or inactivity. Craft compelling messages to re-engage users and guide them through the conversion funnel.
  • Funnel Analysis: Monitor user behavior at each stage of the conversion funnel. Identify drop-off points and bottlenecks and use insights to make data-driven improvements.
  • Behavioral Triggers: Set up behavioral triggers to automatically respond to user actions, such as sending a discount offer when a user abandons their shopping cart.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Utilize robust analytics tools to track campaign performance, measure ROI, and gather actionable insights. Use data to make informed decisions and refine marketing strategies.

Company’s Challenges In Driving The Objective

Challenges faced by n.go in pursuit of its marketing automation objectives include:

  • Data Accuracy and Availability: Ensuring data accuracy and availability for data-driven decision-making and user engagement.
  • Efficient Content Management: Streamlining content creation and management to engage users effectively.
  • User Engagement: Captivating and retaining users to ensure active engagement with n.go’s marketing efforts.
  • Automation Complexity: Implementing marketing automation in a complex environment while testing different strategies.
  • User Behavior Analysis: Gaining deeper insights into user behavior at various points in the customer journey.
  • System Integration: Ensuring seamless integration of multiple systems and platforms to create a cohesive ecosystem.
  • Understanding User Interaction: Understanding how customers interact with the n.go brand, their preferences, and journey mapping to drive personalization and engagement.

Overcoming these challenges required a comprehensive and strategic approach, aligning marketing initiatives with n.go’s overarching objectives.

Why Did n.go Pick WebEngage?

n.go’s decision to choose WebEngage as their user retention and re-engagement platform for automated digital marketing activities was driven by several compelling factors. Firstly, according to the team, WebEngage has garnered an excellent reputation in the industry for its effectiveness in user engagement and retention. This strong track record instilled confidence in WebEngage’s ability to address their specific needs.

Furthermore, their COO, who had a previous successful working relationship with WebEngage, provided a significant endorsement. His firsthand recommendation carried considerable weight and underscored WebEngage’s capability to deliver tangible results for their organization. Ultimately, this alignment of a sterling reputation and a trusted recommendation made WebEngage the ideal choice to drive its automated digital marketing efforts in enhancing user retention and re-engagement.


Results for n.go

The Way Forward

The n.go team aims to run full steam ahead. Here are their goals for the upcoming months.
Product lens:

  • Utilize more channels and diverse customer journeys to enhance engagement.
  • Implement SMS campaigns targeted at churned users.
  • Deactivate push notifications to optimize communication channels.
  • Expand email reach to a broader user base.
  • Personalize campaigns based on user demographics, past purchases of cuisine/brands, and specific interests such as football leagues and team preferences.

Company lens:

  • Introduce new features compatible with Apple devices to enhance user experience.
  • Implement Point of Sale (POS) systems that seamlessly synchronize with existing systems, facilitated by Customer Data Platform (CDP) integration and fluent connections with vendors.
  • Enhance user personalization by offering discounts tailored to specific user segments, thereby increasing engagement and retention.

Together, n.go and WebEngage aim to transform the dining experience in the MEA region, offering convenience, variety, and technological innovation to both consumers and partner brands.

We wish them all the best for their future endeavors.

Shinal Perera

Shinal Perera Digital Marketing Lead, n.go

The features offered by WebEngage have allowed us to create and effectively promote targeted offers and promotions, enhancing our customer engagement and satisfaction. The detailed analytics and insights provided by WebEngage have proven invaluable in optimizing our marketing strategies and improving our brand’s online presence.

The seamless integration of WebEngage with our digital marketing efforts has yielded outstanding results, making it an essential tool for any digital marketer looking to excel in the industry.

To know more about how n.go witnessed an increase in returning users, MAUs, repeat purchases, conversions and more, download our Impact Story™ now.
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We approached WebEngage when we were unhappy with a competitor's product. We wanted excellent service, which is one of WebEngage's intrinsic values. From Oberoi Hotels & EazyDiner to The Postcard Hotel, we're a 100% WebEngage client!

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Founder - EazyDiner & The PostCard hotel

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